Gov’t of Dominica’s legal adviser says PM Chastanet acting like a ‘lone ranger’ in Caribbean

Gov’t of Dominica’s legal adviser says PM Chastanet acting like a ‘lone ranger’ in Caribbean
Chastanet and Astaphan (right)
Chastanet and Astaphan (right)

(SNO) — Legal adviser to the government of Dominica, Senior Counsel Tony Astaphan, has said Prime Minister Allen Chastanet is acting like a “lone ranger” in a number of issues affecting the region.

His comments came in light of a meeting of five Caribbean leaders, including Chastanet, with US President Donald Trump on Friday where a number of issues, including China and Venezuela will be discussed.

Astaphan told state-owned DBS Radio that there is no unified position among OECS and CARICOM leaders on a number of regional matters, saying some are acting selfishly.

“Some prime ministers, like Mr. Chastanet, … how should I call them? The lone ranger?” he stated. “You cannot be a long ranger in Caribbean politics if in fact you are part of the OECS and CARICOM.”

The Chastanet-led government in Saint Lucia has taken a number of positions on regional issues which are contrary to the positions taken by other Caribbean governments.

For example, on the Venezuelan crisis, the government of Saint Lucia has said the election of Nicolas Maduro as president for a second term was illegal and called for new polls while at the same time maintaining diplomatic relations with Caracas. Other Caribbean countries have openly stood by Maduro while others have opted to remain silent on the matter.

On the issue of cash-strapped regional carrier, LIAT, Chastanet has made it clear that Saint Lucia will not buy shares in the airline unless it is free to make its own commercial decisions. Other governments have been calling more regional leaders to buy shares to keep LIAT afloat.

On the LIAT matter, Astaphans said Chastanet only has what Astaphan called, “his own pipe dream”.

Meanwhile, Astaphan said the meeting with Trump by the Caribbean is meaningless.

“In fact, I think the prime ministers, in particular the prime ministers from the OECS have shown complete disrespect for the unity of the OECS and CARICOM,” he said.


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  1. Socialism has failed every time it has been tried, and you all know that the people in Venezuela are suffering. They need to be liberated.


  2. Where was ASStaphan and the rest of the Caribbean when the United States withdrew support from the RSLPF because of his GOOD friend Kenny And toe knee?? Stop being sour because our government not wasting money and putting it in your pocket anymore... Focus on your country


  3. Astaphan its been almost two weeks now and every time I see your face i can not help myself "i just bust out laughing" you look really funny bro. remind of of something scientists said that was extinct


  4. Judging by these post seems to me that PM Chastanet has the full barking of the people. Barking mongrels don't bite.


  5. Astaphan I think you are filled with a load of crap, caribbean people have been asking for changes in the structure and management of LIAT for a long time now so Mr. Chastenet is saying exactly what the people want. The only people who are angry with prime minister Chastenet's position are the Governments who benefit from the high ticket taxes and Jobs for their own.

    Liat must understand that it need to stand on it's own two feet and start looking for ways to increase profits and stop these so called share holding government from meddling in it's day-to-day runnings.


  6. Who the cares what this foreigner thinks. He should be declared persona non grata. This communist wants us to follow other jackass behaviours of other assinine people in the region?


  7. Who the hell is Astafan? What the hell do we owe him? What good has he done for us? What the hell does he think he is?


  8. Finally, we have a leader who is not a CARICOM sheep. Neither is he a CARICOM goat. He has a mind of his own. Tribal African mentalities cannot deal with that? I see. Not strange at all. I knew it.


  9. Today, I have much greater respect for Mr. Chastanet than ever before. He has not caved in to the pressure to go against commonsense approach of running a for-profit business.

    If history gives us any insight, LIAT is a prestige project and not a for-profit enterprise. It has never been one.

    He has stood up to the cowards, and the cringing and the spineless so-called leaders in the region. He has. Saint Lucians, pimples warts and all, are different.


  10. So ASStsphan is telling us that chastanet should have said no to meeting Trump. The first three letters of his name says it all.


  11. It is no secret that Allen Chastanet is a moron. He is manifestly, flamboyantly unqualified to be PM. It goes without saying that he has been wrong about everything. I don't mean the occasional bad call, which all of us make. I mean a track record that includes predicting that giving money to foreign investors would produce a magnificent economic boom, eg, OJO lab, DHS, OKH, etc. Beyond that Allen Chastanet has a problem with facts. No wonder his government is a hackistocracy - rule by ignorant and incompetent.


  12. So we are helping lil tony to attack and insult for political reasons and fail to look at the big picture?
    Chastanet was one of the few leaders of the region who demonstrated that he had testicular fortitude and voted for the disadvantaged people of Venezuela. He didnt vote for Petro Caribe fuel or abstained nor did he stayed away.
    I commend PM Chastanet and if St Lucia benefits from the recent meeting with Trump, then more power to him.
    In the meantime, lil tony can go rest his racist self in a corner.


  13. You see why I can't vote for no political person, it cause they are all liars trying n up they game, how the hell y'all gone vote a White man for the primeminister of a black man's country to make it worse he can even speak our language. Why are u trying to bring slavery bk, Dominican Republic are racist ppl they don't like black why the hell you gone side with them. And Lucians again not even see they primeminister is out to bring be poverty to its high rate and is trying n bring down the country. This man is not for us and if y'all don't open up y'all eyes to reality and stop making them politics play y'all head, and the man is only trying to do as his father told him do bring down saint Lucia.... But the good will always oval come the veil it just a matter of time the minister day is soon coming??cause the system is responsible for all the doings in the country they are the reason children like my friends are being killed and turning into gangsters. The system don't give a fuck about they people so it's time the ppl stop giving a fuck about the system. And burn them downnnn


    • What makes this country a "black man's" country? Just so you would know, white people were here before blacks. They brought us here on slave ships.


  14. And this is coming from a man that Lucians paid so much money to through Kenny . If trump call him he running fast with his boy skerit . That's the price we pay when we depend . The boss call we have to go .all the fools that talking not willing to sacrifice one day for betterment for country so be careful what you all wish for .


  15. Ppl in Dominica don’t even lokebwhat Astaphan is doing to the people on the country and Chastanet is doing the right thing for the benefits of St. Lucia by taking the steps he has look at how backward Dominica has gotten since Astaphan and Skerrit been involved. Why invest in Liat again for you to give another big portion of money soon again the country at loss because liat flying for 40 years and they saying they never made a profit ? What kind of business is that ?


  16. I really don't see why the st.lucian government should invest in liat. Liat ticket prices are way to high that is why less and less people are travelling. How could you pay so much money for that short period in the air. Also that Venezuelan president should no longer be in charge look at these riots that's happening while he is in charge, people suffering from hunger while the man eats like a king. Bruh go back home


  17. CARICOM is based on creating sinecures for the educated elite. Those are usually glorified clerical posts in many instances, where political square pegs are used to plug in administrative round holes as rewards. Witness the extent of behind- the-scenes horse-trading that takes place for the post of Secretary General.

    LIAT is supposed to run like a business. Most CARICOM leaders' business experience extends to only repeating prepared statements that they do not seemingly do not comprehend.

    Our PM has taken a principled stand.

    If this action separates the sheep from the goats, then more power to him. Mr PM, please do not relent. Engagement in financial foolishness is for the lame-brained.


  18. Asstafan go suck an egg. You are as bitter as a gall bladder,no more freaking St.Lucian money for you because as Trump would say You Fired punk. Kenny put our azz in a recession to pay you for frivolous law suits, bull shit that is of no value. Stay your back side in Dominica and eat your looney Prime Minister money another joker in the Caribbean.


  19. Five more years! Five more years. LIAT is a prestige project for Barbados, St. Vincent and Antigua. They are welcome to pay for we have an airline "feel good" feeling. We are not going down the same road with financial idiots. That is refreshing.


  20. If he is indeed acting like a Lone Ranger, then give him another 5-year term in office. He is my kind of leader, one with real balls.

    Go, Saint Lucia!


  21. i looking at the legal adviser and am saying he looks familiar is then i realized he looks like Gruu in In-despicable Me with the yellow minions.


  22. Prime Minister Allen Chastanet is playing house in the Prime Minister Mansion, He and wife is like Jack and Jill or Dick and Dora, so you can imagine.
    PM Allen Chastanet better known as Not So Bright was a D- student in school, he wanted to impress his family after a series of failed Academic performances. He took the path of less resistance by enrolling in art and acting school, and graduating as an average student.
    PM Allen Chastanet or Not So Bright could not find a job with his Art Degree and returned back to St. Lucia as a hidden failed man.
    I have respect for Dumb and Dumber people who choose to be that on their own time, but it is different when a country have PM like that.
    Its REALLY SAD, its a low lower for the country of ST. LUCIA.


    • You may be more dumb than the PM!!! Didn’t they teach you at University “return back” is redundant speech dumb ass. If he was what you just commented my god he has grown to be a well liked man.


    • you speak of failure then you obviously must be slp. your leader kenny was the worst pm in history. his do nothing "I will sue you" mentality was a complete failure. the dominica govt is butt hurt because our pm will not help them pay for liat. chastanet was elected because he takes action and doesn't listen to his loser critics. I hope you enjoy another 4-5 years of uwp power.