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Gov’t names accounts for donations


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The Government says cash donations towards the recovery efforts can be made to the following accounts in the name of the Government of Saint Lucia:

First National Bank


Royal Bank of Canada

Bank of Nova Scotia

Bank of St. Lucia

First Caribbean International Bank

Meanwhile, the Government is thanking citizens, corporate entities and friends of Saint Lucia from far and wide who have contributed to the relief efforts or who have decided to make cash donations.

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  1. Put donations directly in the hands of those in need.

  2. What happened to all the money that was collected to rebuild the St jude's hospital? Nobody can give information about that.Allow the Red Cross to to what it is there to do.Government should stay out of it

  3. I totally agree with Marcia. Your comment is by no means political. However, to all the Hacks out there, I will add that we cannot afford because this Government is already taking everything and the way things are going, they will use the donation to pay salaries. If you can afford to give,donate it to the Red Cross. Help our brothers and sister through the charitable organisations, do not give the Government your money.

  4. Marcia well said.

  5. NO one in their right mind should deposit a cent in the name of the government of St Lucia given their track history of doing everything in the name of politics.If you want to give money contact the Redcross directly but please don't give them fellas your hard earn cash.
    At least with the redcross there is no one trying to get elected or turn one group of people against another.

    • St Lucians who do not want to get involved in that dirty politics that is going on down here since the dissaster happen should call the Red Cross directly for information as to where their money should be desposited. Their number is 758-452-5582 & their email [email protected]


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