Gov’t moving to rectify St. Jude Hospital issue, PM Chastanet says

Gov’t moving to rectify St. Jude Hospital issue, PM Chastanet says
Chastanet said his government is moving to resolve the issue

(SNO) — Prime Minister Allen Chastanent has said that his government is moving to rectify the long-running St. Jude Hospital issue.

Addressing the Saint Lucia Chamber of Commerce this week, he said the designs and the engineering drawings for the project have been completed and funding has been secured for the proposed new wing.

“We are moving as fast as we possible can to rectify that situation,” he stated.

The St. Jude Hospital has been operating from the George Odlum Stadium for the past nine years and Chastanet said he knows of the challenges faced there.

“We know the challenges that exist at the stadium and we are working with the staff as best as we possibly can to make them as comfortable as possible, but we recognize and understand the frustration by both the people who are working there, as well as the citizens who have to depend on it,” he stated.

According to the Prime Minister his government must do the right thing when it comes to the matter.

“I can assure all Saint Lucians that you will be very proud of the development,” he stated. I am comfortable that once you have all the financing, you have the design completed and you have a great company doing the implementation that you should not see a repeat of what happened the last five years.”


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  1. For the entire health sector, responsive and sensitive governments have to balance expenditure on basic health care and creating and maintaining "centres of excellence" within different hospitals. All hospitals cannot be equipped to be very good in all things. Unnecessary duplication is specialized services is a waste of our scarce resources. But don't tell SLP about any of that. Just too many are too dumb to understand the "centres of excellence" approach. Certain hospitals beyond treat the basics and engaging in preventive health care, can only spend so much on specialized treatment and health conditions. Distances have become short. Transportation may be the greatest obstacle if we have the personnel and the equipment. That is assuming that it is well maintained.

    We need a higher level of thinking about public health in Saint Lucia. The deadwood in the CSA they offer us no hope. They are very political, and are just pawns in the partisan political games of our too many political dinosaurs passing as politicians. Thank God, a good few, well beyond retirement age, have been sent to pasture.


  2. For the last 2 yr he has not been sitting on his hands. He is a go getter so wait and see. He'll do it.


  3. new wing?... wow.. so what if it was a plan for a whole hospital? smh.. don't you worry building will commence upon completion of the horse race track


  4. He needs to stop talking about it and get moving. St jude is an urgent project which needs to be completed. I can see progress on the racecourse but nothing is happening at St judea. When will our government care enough about the people who elected them??


  5. It sounds as if he is speaking to young children: if you have been extra good this year, little boys and girls, you will get health care. And you are gonna love it!


    • This government knows they wont be re-elected.. chastanet is working hard to ensure his business (private) have longevity... i eh blame u sir shass... eat all u can.. when all is done and dusted he wont need to be a minister .. his businesses will be bringing in millions and he can sit comfortably for the next decades


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