Gov’t looking to secure new markets for banana

Gov’t looking to secure new markets for banana
Minister Joseph in a packing facility in Rungis, France.
Minister Joseph in a packing facility in Rungis, France.
Minister Joseph (right) in a packing facility in Rungis, France.

Since taking office in June 2016, the Allen Chastanet-led government has been seeking to increase banana production in Saint Lucia and at the same time revitalise the banana industry.

As such, the government was able to secure a deal with France to purchase Saint Lucia bananas on a trial basis.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has disclosed that local bananas are currently being exported to Paris from the UK.

“For the next three months, we are going to be testing our bananas in that market and hopefully we can generate a new market in addition to our UK market,” Chastanet said.

The government is also trying to revive demand out of the UK, despite the fact that the pound sterling has dropped.

“Our meetings with the banana producers in Martinique, as well as the marketing companies in France, are going well,” the prime minister added.

Government was recently able to put money back into the banana sector to get production back up.

“I am excited about the inroads we are making in agriculture, despite Tropical Storm Matthew.”

During a three-country trip between August 6 to 14, 2016, both Chastanet and Agriculture Minister Ezechiel Joseph had met with a French company in Morocco to discuss opening up new markets for local banana farmers.

Subsequently, the minister met with Winfresh to get their commitment towards working with that company.

The prime minister has said that the government is also looking to create new market opportunity in Guadeloupe.


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  1. Economics is the answer. The government simply cannot take on the role of CREATING jobs for people. Enabling the environment is the better option. Letters of comfort are definitely not required.


  2. That's a farse. He came out on the night of 6.6.16 to say that there was deal struck to sell bananas at $35/ton up $10 from before. This gentleman lies to damn much. We need to stop trusting this guy


  3. Now these are positive initiatives Mr. PM. We look forward to more less controversial initiatives in the future. But please, keep the public in the know


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