Gov’t hires foreign legal team to represent them in IMPACS matter

Gov’t hires foreign legal team to represent them in IMPACS matter
St. Lucia police during a patrol. * Photo credit: Telesurv.
St. Lucia police during a patrol. * Photo credit: Telesurv.
St. Lucia police during a patrol. * Photo credit: Telesurv.

The Government of Saint Lucia has moved to engage the services of a firm of lawyers based in the United States (U.S.) Capital of Washington, D.C to represent them in the IMPACS matter.

This was revealed by Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony during his New Year’s speech which was broadcast nationwide on Monday evening (Jan.25, 2016).

The Prime Minister declared that the group of foreign attorneys will “represent us in discussions with officials of the U.S. State Department”, regarding this sensitive issue.

He noted that the IMPACS report has caused much anxiety and uneasiness, but gave his assurance that the matter will be looked at and a resolution will be reached.

“I assure you that we will continue to work with the U.S. to bring closure to this matter,” he stated.

The U.S. has encouraged government to ensure that due process is served in the matter. The European Union (EU) also recently held a meeting with the Prime Minister to discuss this same issue.

The IMPACS Report was compiled based on an investigation into alleged extra-judicial killings by some members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) between 2009 and 2011.


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  1. So you have no faith in lawyers here to handle the IMPACTS but you have faith in them assisting to sell st.lucian passports . Its amazing how the Pm loves to give foreigners jobs more than his own people .


  2. I am dismayed by the fact that the hiring of lawyers to looking into the IMPACS report seems to be an effort to appease the US government, and not to do the right thing for Saint Lucia. So if my logic serves me well (limited as it may be), the Prime Minister has proceeded to outsourcing the application of the "rule of law" in a very much domestic issue? Will the lawyers from Washington DC be directing the PM and his government on how to proceed with the recommendations in the IMPACS report, or will they communicate to the government of Saint Lucia, through the office of the Prime Minister, the dictates of the US State Department?

    The government recently said that the power to proceed with the report beyond what the government has done, lies with the office of the DPP. Will the US attorneys be assisting the DPP's office with its proceedings, or will they be prosecuting the cases (if such is warranted) for the DPP? If this is not the case, then I have to ask, what has changed? If my recollection is accurate, the constitution has not been amended to change the balance of power!

    My final thought is that if there is nothing to the report that warrants prosecution of the parties involved, then the government should communicate that to the people of Saint Lucia. If however, based on the report, the Prime Minister (yes, I know, its the DPP!!!) finds sufficient information (well, evidence in the case of the DPP) to warrant a legal probe into the matter, then pave the way for it to be done! Do what needs to be done so that the sovereignty of our island nation will not be impeded by giant nations who thinks we do not have the capacity or capability to deal with our internal affairs, because they sponsor a few training exercises! Whats next, are we going to outsource the office of the Prime Minister?


  3. What is going on in our little island ? For all these other ministers to sit in cabinet with PIP who is the most senior of them all and endorses that decision is a national disgrace.


  4. Kenny why don't you hire some lawyers and staff for the DPP's office? Everything you doing in reverse.


  5. Notwithstanding the high profile lawyers for which our tax dollars have already been allegedly squandered in the Juffali matter.
    Now more money being allegedly squandered on this!
    Yet this government can't provide employment and want civil servants to take a put cut, whilst the big boys and girls get prime position with mega bucks.


  6. You don't hire these firms unless you trying to do a deal with the US. My question is what privilege they are going to bargain to get out of this impact mess? Gay marriage? Stopping decriminalization of
    Marijuana and prostitution? Death penalty?
    Or will it be stopping CIP and perocarib (most likely) because that's the main reason they re on our backs on issues these days.


  7. But the Americans said they are only looking for prosecutions. So what negotiations is Kenny talking about with his special lawyers. Well tax payers again


  8. So we have no money for the people of St. Lucia, but we can afford U S lawyers. It's like the pot calling kettle black


  9. The US have too many racial killings, no one holds them accountable!! A bunch of freaking criminals they get rid of.


  10. OMG OMG OMG. Is Kenny for real? I thought the country did not have money? I thought the IMPACS report was good enough to prosecute and it was the DPP that was holding up the matter. Is kenny taking me a for a fool. Well am not a party hack and i have enough sense to know that this is RUBBISH. The man did anything to get into to power now we the pople paying for it. He has hired a bunch of lawyers from the US, but no many to try to hire young people to work. To those who still believe in Kenny and think he is the answer and the great messiah in Lucia I salute u all. Honestly King, Spider, Ezeekill, Chastanent, Prudent all seem like they could do a better job than this guy. Pierre and co. just sitting there and allow this man to do nonsense so none of dem including Emma ain't worth the time either.


  11. Hey heeeeyyyyyyyy! What does Kenny need lawyers in the US to represent? Didn't he say that the evidence is there for the DPP to prosecute? Didn't he later say that the DPP is the one who was not giving the IMPACS report priority? What is he going to have those lawyers talk to the US about? Isn't the case going to be held in St. Lucia?

    More smoke and mirrors. Is St. Lucia on trial and needs legal representation? What am I hearing there tonight?

    Oooops wait, Claude-de-... gonna be all over it tomorrow with the big belly man on the other station doing a double barrel. Maybe both of them can team up in another desperate measure on Claudie-boy's cry me a river show on Friday.

    What a bunch of jokers.


    • What is that legal team supposed to do and where? Which tribunal? Which court? The Hague?

      That is so-o-o-o-o-o--o funny. Yet it is not really a joke. I am not laughing. Is one of our villages missing its idiot? Me, you say?


  12. foolishness!! everyone has access to the report expect st.lucians and the opposition. This cock and bull crap need to stop. Kenny again- call elections!! you have no respect for St.Lucia, nor citizens.


  13. Seems we have a whole lot of money in the treasury. Since we hiring high profile U.S. Attorneys.....


    • Kenny playing like the treasury is his private cash pan. But in the same breath he wants to cut salaries for civil servants cuz the government have no money, children getting shocked by electricity and eaten by bugs in substandard schools, you go to hospital to die not for healing, suspects sit in jail for years without justice, ppl dying like flies, cyah pay their bills, no jobs, cyah get needed medical care but Kenny cah find anyway to address these issues because no money, but he can find money to keep covering.


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