“Gov’t has done everything it can ‘legally’ do” – Claudius Francis on IMPACS report

“Gov’t has done everything it can ‘legally’ do” – Claudius Francis on IMPACS report
Claudius Francis
Claudius Francis
Claudius Francis

Talk Show host of ‘Straight Up’, Claudius Francis, has responded to the statement issued by the U.S government through its Embassy in Barbados about the IMPACS report.

Francis said while the statement stressed on the need for the government to ensure “the rule of law is upheld”, his interpretation is that the U.S government wants the officers permanently removed.

“What the American government is saying is clear to me and any reasonable person reading, that they will not be satisfied with anything, unless those police officers are removed from the Force and found guilty, not just prosecuted…That is abundantly clear to me. Those who do not want to see it that’s their business,” Francis explained.

But the Senator also stated that he is not sure what more can be done in the matter.

He went on to explain that the government is guided by the constitution, which speaks about the separation of powers: the executive is the Cabinet headed by the Prime Minister, the legislature headed by presiding officers and the judiciary headed by the Chief Justice.

“The government has committed the resources and acted to do the investigations and passed on the investigation to the judicial arm. There is nothing more the government can “legally” do,” he asserted.

Francis said yet the American government is saying that they are concerned that four years have passed since these allegations and the process is yet to be served.

“This is coming from a country that had 1,138 police killings last year,” he remarked.

He also pointed to statements made by the National Security Minister, Victor Lacobiniere, where he made reference to offering the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) a special prosecutor and she did not act on it.

Francis said the U.S government failed to make mention of this in their statement and other issues that were discussed by Lacobiniere regarding the IMPACS report.


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  1. Boy what a telling and polite admission of administrative irrelevance, backwardness, and foolishness that passes for efficiency and effectiveness by this clown act, called the SLP.

    Start going round and round the country with your circus act. This would should your best efforts instead of this verbal disguises and temper tantrums the hierarchy.

    More and more of us have stop drinking your red Kool Aid. With no visible election projects on the scoreboard. SLP, the clock is ticking LOUDER to OUR 17-0 liberation day ESCAPE from your SLP better days. Good riddance to very bad rubbish!


  2. Claudius, let me tell you what else the Gov't can legally do or should have done. They should give the DPP all the evidence which was mention in the IMPACTS REPORT so dhe could have decided weather to procecute or not. Didn't you hear she said that she was not given any evidence? (eg. the witnesses statements etc etc.) But then again I don't ecpect you to point out the BLUNDER of you Gov't. I would easier see a RED cow before you do that.


  3. For the millionth time Mr president of the senate ..YOUR'E NOT A LAWYER !!! ..stop believing that your word is gold to the law books of St.lucia, or you have some track record of winning cases in court . All you have ever done was studied st.lucia's constitutional act and listen to lawyers conversations. The so Call IMPACTS was a political move by your government knowing well it was not applicable to our law..stop making excuses for wrong and be a man for once and support something that is right . Sometimes i wonder if st.lucia has kings and queens all over ..the way these so call representatives of our country carry out their policies .


  4. All I can say to Claudius Francis makes foolish statements.
    Check it it out, no one except SLP hacks listen to you. No one outside of the SLP respects you. Go out there and find some credibility.


    • Saint Lucia is full of soaps. Next wait for the belly dancing on the market steps or on a political platform in Soufriere.


  5. Claudius Francis is correct.

    Though I do NOT support any illegal police killings in Saint Lucia, the US has the most racist Police Departments who will kill any Black American Man (and by extension Blacks) without even thinking twice.
    And they have also setup their "Grand Jury" which is controlled by the Prosecutor who always find those White Racists American Police officers innocent.

    A racist country with rogue racists police officers shooting and killing Black American Males want to point fingers. Lmbao.


  6. He doesnt doh know his foot from his toes, but willing to appear on kenny behalf.. i wonder who is d lawyer


  7. Claudius if you are so sure that the Government has done everything it can" LEGALLY "do, on IMPACS Then Government should ask the U.S to keep quiet, According to how I interpreted your statement, maybe any other decision taken by the Government might be seen as illegal. Remember there were inquest held for these so called extra judicial killings which were heard by a magistrate and jury and the findings were 'DEATH BY MISADVENTURE" so in the absence of information, I have to now speculate, maybe just may be there is something else the U.S. is looking for in this report which we the people do not know about, so since you seem to know everything please tell us.


  8. Claudius you except the great white sharks to be bothered by all the nitty gritty details of sardines?
    You think the people care about which party did what, who was given additional support and refused? Choops.
    They admonished the government of St.Lucia, and leave the little squabbling to you'll.
    What the government has to do is heed the warning and try to remedy the situation or else is more ban.


    • They should revoke the visas of every official both in and out of govt. I'm sure there would be the impetus to move.


    • It's not about "who did what". It is about two distinctive countries governed by it's own set of Laws which must be adhered.

      If the US wants to see this go according to their standard, then send 100 container filled with Billions of dollars and they can have a merry old time.

      If they want to see an effective Police force doing their dirty work by arresting young Black Saint Lucian men and throwing them in Prison, then they need to send the "Hard cor cash".
      But until then, they can fk off!!

      I have never been a fan of the US and will never.


  9. For the last time this man is not a lawyer. what the government shouldve done was furnish the dpp with all the evidence they VERY WELL KNEW she needed to bring a successful case before the courts. What I can see is that the KDA administration planned to use the IMPACS report as a cop out, not as a means towards due process and justice for the people of saint lucia. Sit this one out Mr.Francis because this one is a giant to go up against and your pretend intellectualism and impartiallty will not work this time. This one is over your head.


  10. Blah Blah Blah! Does anyone really expect him say anything else? Spin and more spin. He's the St. Lucia version of the Iraqi information minister in Saddam's time, Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf. It could be raining cats and dogs and Claudius will tell you it's great weather for a barbecue. Claudius should look for a job with West Indies cricket with all that spin he spinning.


  11. another red mealy bug causing serious infestation in the minds of the blind hacks.... Silly Little Prick!


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