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Gov’t could suffer more foreign sanctions if it doesn’t act now – Prudent

By SNO Staff

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Therold Prudent, LPM Political Leader

Therold Prudent, LPM Political Leader

The move made by the local French Embassy to boycott Saint Lucia’s Independence Day parade over what is cited as the poor performance of the country’s judicial system came as no surprise to many.

Leader of the Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM), Therold Prudent, said he is however disappointed that Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony has allowed the issue to escalate to this level.

Prudent told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Tuesday that this move should not be taken lightly and encouraged the Prime Minister to “act now or you are going to suffer the political consequences.”

He said, “I believe it finally shows that not only America, but the European Union (EU) have come to the conclusion that our government has no idea or serious plans of restructuring our judicial system, and in this regard they have taken a stand to let Dr. Kenny Anthony know it’s not business as usual.”

The political leader is urging the government to do what is right for Saint Lucia, by appointing a Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), a Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions (DDDP), restructure the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) and clean up the local judicial system.

“One would have thought that as a lawyer himself, this would have been easy for him to do. One would never have imagined that a lawyer who understands how the judicial system operates here and throughout the wider Caribbean wouldn’t want to do what is right,” Prudent remarked.

The LPM said the world is watching and suggests that by not working towards making stringent changes to the judicial system, the government is letting the people down and tarnishing the image of the country.

Prudent recalled when the United States (US) stopped training police officials here and barred them from travelling to their country, there were talks that the government could get the same help from other places like France and England, but it turned out to be far from reality.

“They are not going to receive the kind of help they believe they would receive, if they ignored the US. Saint Lucia’s place in the world is a very small one,” he asserted.

The LPM leader told SNO that he is not advising the government to be subservient but is urging them to adhere to international law that speaks to the principle for protection of human life and democracy.

France has also raised concerns about the country’s tardiness in implementing recommendations based on the IMPACS findings.

St. Lucia has been experiencing fallout since the findings of the IMPACS report were made public.

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  1. How is going to make his transparent when some of his people are in informants for foreign intelligence services.They know who they are, I don't have mention names, but if need to in extreme circumstances, I would not mind

  2. Well pru the French have spoken. It seem one of you is not speaking the truth. You know pru there is a time for everything even keeping quiet.

  3. We were born men and women like any other nation. God placed us the face of this world as a way of saying we have been chosen. St Lucians are not a violent nation in comparison to others. In actuality we are a God fearing nation. So when it comes to treating our people with respect and dignity we do a good job. Let no one tell us or instruct us how to do so. We have never been a people or nation that had the power to rule the world. Tho world is in a tots mess because other world leaders have used their positions of power and authority to dictate to other nation what they can or can't do. These very nations will use brute force or economic sanctions to control others. These very nations treat their people disproportionately based on skin pigmentation, yet have the gall to talk about human abuse

  4. This Kenny Guy.....the saga ...

  5. When the history is written, Kenny Anthony will go down as a sad chapter. When Kenny entered the political arena in 1996, he came dressed in shining and riding on a huge kiss me ass white horse. Tomorrow he will be leaving battered and bruised, riding on a three legged donkey.
    With the assurance of Dr. Ulric Mondesir come the general elections. Then we all will be able to shout . Free at last, free at last , we are all freed at last, thank God almighty.

  6. Good Job Prudent. You have always made sense in most things you say, This time again you are demonstrating that you are in the know on this critical international matters.

  7. It,s true d SLP sucks but LMP an it,s mist fits are even worse 4SLU an TP we may let u an ur LMP party get 10 votes next elections if u drop d New York accent.

  8. Why great emphasis was placed on building bridges and roads (in some case unnecessarily) before or deplorable health sector, justice system youth and education. Even with youth and education emphasis was placed on construction. Is it because they are money generating. The country is in a real mess.

  9. The DPP job posting has been on the government Page for weeks. There and only there. Only lucians check that page out. Perhaps the position should be advertised on a regional platform.

    Then again im sure KDA would prefer a lucian he know is che labour and he can manipulate. Hiring a qualified politically unemcumbered individual presents too much risk.

    Elections needs to come quick. KDA started out as an energetic man full of ideas and vision. Now hes just tired and uninspiring. Its just one blunder after the next. You did your part now step down before you drag us all to the bottom.

    • Kenny Anthony has the wrong allegiance to the wrong people. And they have done him. he was either too unaware or too enamoured to even consider how much those allegiance would cost. Let him stand by his boys still and protect them at the cost of country. he will know what the results are later this year.


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