Gov’t borrows US$68M to continue post-Tomas infrastructural works

By Anthony Sammie, GIS

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The Government of Saint Lucia received authorization, Tuesday, to borrow approximately US$68 million from the International Development Association (IDA), for post-Hurricane Tomas recovery efforts.

A major component of the project is risk reduction and adaptation measures which will be used to improve various infrastructural projects.

Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony identified the critical projects to be undertaken.

“This [grant] will support structural and non-structural flood and landslide and climate risk reduction measures that will improve Saint Lucia’s resilience against current and future climactic shocks,” he said. “It would also mean [that we will] continue the work done by both governments to build retaining walls in the length and breadth of the country but critically and crucially to deal with the areas where we have suffered major damage.”

Dr. Anthony added that emphasis will be placed on repairing badly damaged bridges in the south of the island.

The other components of the IDA-financed project are a Climate Adaptation Financing Facility, a Contingency Emergency and Response Mechanism, and institutional strengthening.

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  1. less borrowing and more stratigizing.

  2. what them plp take us lucian for fools. All they can talk about is borrow borrow borrow then complaine we need to have salary cut an this an that. the only word they now is millions an borrow. how many times must we borrow to fix the same pro. why cant we borrow to create jobs just once. kenny where is all that money going to ur hotel in trindad and ur pocket

  3. Transparency? Which bridges is he referring to? So much money was spent in th elast 2 years to fix bridges in the south. Which bridges? Who that guy fooling. If you gonna borrow so much money, obviously it came form a list of estimates which says cost per each bridge so why not be transparent and say it out loud. That lawyer can only fool the party hacks.

  4. Where the jobs? Just borrowing!

  5. We have to make those repairs to be functional. All we need is an account of every dime spent on those projects and the hiring of qualified contractors for their construction.

  6. They not tired of borrowing and we have to pay for it. What to increase vat again after country is in hard times.

  7. those comments show the high level of confidence (oops). i meant low level of confidence the people have in those who have been elected to represent us.

  8. Bla bla bla!

  9. Hoorraaayyy, piece of shit , why wasn’t that done 2 years ago , you turning out to be a bigger idiot than jokers that were there before you………

    • How can the repairing of the Badly damaged bridges in the South make the Government for and by the People look like Jokers?

      You ass must be jealous of your Mouth 🙂

      • you making excuse for them yute, hope your bread “well buttered”

        • How can I make excuse for repairing a Key piece of Infrastructure, that is needed for free movement of goods and service from the South to the North?

          What are you recommending?
          Are you recommending Hovercraft and or Helicopters?

          Naw, you can’t be such a retard.

  10. Abeh paca las pweta la jean.mweh men ape Ste lesi.the country has no money.its just making it worse on our Lil pockets. What to do.both parties full of crap. Only concerned about themselves. What about the citizens. we the people.

  11. Wow, 58US. That’s a lot of money. I hope it gets used wisely.

  12. 68million to put in their pocket.


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