Gov’t announces reduction in prices of petroleum products

Gov’t announces reduction in prices of petroleum products

PRESS RELEASE – Effective Monday, April 13 2015 (today) prices of gasoline, diesel, 100lb and bulk LPG are lower.

These prices changes are as a result of reductions in import prices for these products over the three week review period (March 16 to April 5, 2015)

The Price of the 20lb and 22 lb LPG cylinders have increased by 48 and 43 cents respectively. Kerosene remains unchanged at $8.20 per gallon.

Below is a schedule of the retail prices for these products:

Petroleum Products Old Retail Prices New Retail Prices Change
Diesel $12.35  per gallon $12.04  per gallon Decline of $0.31 per gallon
Gasoline $11.83  per gallon $11.46  per gallon Decline of $0.37 per gallon 
20 Pound Cylinder LPG $24.15 per cylinder $24.63 per cylinder Increase of $0.48 per  cylinder  
22 Pound Cylinder LPG $26.95 per cylinder $27.38 per cylinder Increase of $0.43 per cylinder
100 Pound Cylinder $192.08 per cylinder $189.45 per cylinder Decline of $2.63 per cylinder
Bulk LPG $1.79 per pound $1.76 per pound Decline of $0.03 per pound 
Kerosene $8.20 per gallon $8.20 per gallon Unchanged

In keeping with the “Three Week Fuel Pass Through Mechanism” introduced on February 9, 2015, prices will be adjusted again on Monday, May 03, 2015.

These prices will be determined by the landed cost of these products over the current review period.


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  1. I don't see the difference in the gas now and before. When Kenny has to bring down prices, he brings it up, when he has to bring it lower he take out a few cents that don't make any sense when in the supermarket they reduce the price of one good, they put it on other goods, so that way we don't pay less for any thing in St.Lucia. WE HAVE TO STOP KENNY FROM FOOLING PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY.


  2. This is what is happening. We do not know what mechanism is being used. Not even customs getting that information now. The government will manipulate it how they want and will use it as a campaign tool in the end.


  3. How do they arrive at these figures? 1+3+8=5 Must be CROOKED, ROGUE MATH...only in SLU. LMAO


  4. Much better days ahead. Enjoy while it last. Any reduction is better than nothing. Don't be too greedy please.


  5. Lmfao ... When y'all start to use the brain god gave y'all , just maybe the understanding will become clear !! Let politicians use y'all emotion and y'all need for instant gratification against y'all .. Their might have been more saving with the 3 month pass through but Nooo ..smh we do not control the price , Egro a wider gap would be more econmical but Nooo . But again what do I know .. And for the record both slp & uwp are guilty if creating the mess we in !!


    • looks like you've been brain washed. They are all checking for their pockets and fat bank accounts. so they will feed us shit and call it food. whether it be 3 months or 3 weeks they would still not pass the benefit down to the consumer.


  6. Are those prices correct? Gasoline was 12.35 prior to this change so how can they say it was 11.83?

    Further more, the price of oil is even lower than when the fuel at the pumps were reduced to 10.65 so why such a mediocre reduction??

    This is insulting lucians.


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