Government announce adjustment in fuel prices

By Office of the Prime Minister

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PRESS RELEASE – Effective today, Monday, March 23, 2015, consumers will pay more for gasoline and diesel. These price changes are in keeping with the “Three Week Modified Pass Through Mechanism” and reflect changes in international oil prices over the past three weeks (February 23 to March 15, 2015).

Gasoline will now be sold at $12.35 per gallon, while diesel will be sold at $11.83 per gallon. The prices of the 20lb, 22lb, 100lb and bulk LPG remain unchanged. Kerosene will be reduced by $1.91 per gallon.

Below is a schedule of the retail prices for these products:

Petroleum Products Old Retail Prices New Retail Prices Change
Diesel $10.69  per gallon $11.83  per gallon Increase of $1.14 per gallon
Gasoline $11.51  per gallon $12.35  per gallon Increase of $0.85 per gallon 
20 Pound Cylinder LPG $24.15 per cylinder $24.15 per cylinder Unchanged   
22 Pound Cylinder LPG $26.95 per cylinder $26.95 per cylinder Unchanged
100 Pound Cylinder $192.08 per cylinder $192.08 per cylinder Unchanged
Bulk LPG $1.79 per pound $1.79 per pound Unchanged  
Kerosene $10.11 per gallon $8.20 per gallon Decline of $1.91 p gal

Prior to today’s adjustments, the prices of gasoline, diesel and the 20lb LPG in Saint Lucia, were among the lowest in the ECCU. Below is a Table of Prices in other OECS States prior to this latest adjustment in prices.

Country Gasoline Diesel 20lb LPG 100lb LPG
Anguilla $15.03 $12.26 $55.00 $245.00
Antigua $13.50 $13.20 $32.00 $155.00
Dominica $10.28 $10.01 $25.63 $123.15
Grenada $12.03 $11.73 $43.00 $209.59
Montserrat $11.70 $10.73 $33.74 $169.00
St. Kitts $11.56 $11.72 $30.00 $140.00
Saint Lucia $11.51 $10.69 $24.15 $192.02
St. Vincent $10.56 $10.81 $29.00 $138.00

Prices will be further adjusted on April 13, 2015.

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  1. Don’t they credit when it’s in there favor, why not take the blame. …I remember Jab-la say that’s the lowest price Lucian paying for fuel has been since 2007…now it’s not the gov’t. ..the price is to DAMN high, I don’t get how can we grow this country with the price of everything so high. Is step gonna solve anything for us, or can they come up with some new programs

  2. Why are you guys blaming the government for the cost of fuel? I thought they made it clear that they are not in the business of purchasing fuel.Please stop playing politics with this issue.

  3. Imagine that; Trinidad prices:

    Gas-2.50TT PER LITRE
    Diesel- 1.50TT PER LITRE

    Though we know why but just saying.

    • Yes Trinidad produces its own oil.

      We don’t have such luxuries. I feel that the government should probably disclose the CIF price along with the price change so people would clearly understand.


  4. Smfh, why why is this government oppressing the poor people of this country. …I’m so frustrated with their blind rhetoric, I’ve been monitoring the price of crude oil on the international market for over a month now and sad to say the price is on the decline. .I’ve also been posting the prices on my fb page ….I’m just lost for words, Maybe Jn-marie and co. Can help me understand this adjustment

    • apparently you dont learn. The correlation with the spot prices you are seeing is not direct. Wasnt that explained in so many languages in January? Why dont you study the CIF instead?

  5. the priminister of st.lucia kenny anthony,just like to compare other countries with st.lucia, but he fail to realise that the other countries have MONEY and WORK flowing for the people, so they can aford, but here in st.lucia has no MONEY no WORK flowing

    • Actually the countries compared to are Caribbean countries most of which are in similar or worse economic and Employment situations than us.


  6. The Gov needs to make public the formula they using to calculate fuel prices so people can take advantage of lower prices before it goes up

  7. Looks like crime will start to rise again….more money for me!

  8. Vieux Fort in Pain

    Why is the price of gas going up when the average price internationally was lower than the previous 3 weeks? Common we’re not that stupid!

    • It is the landed cost of the fuel revived during the last 3 weeks. Have you considered contacting So and Rubis to ask for their cost of bringing in the fuel?

      The fuel Costs fluctuates. The cost could have been at $1. a barrel for 20 days but if the one day that Sol and Rubis decide to purchase the price is $50. that’s the price we we get. With the added costs of shipping and other fees.


  9. This kenny guy is good. For the last 3 weeks oil has averaged $48.11 per barrel. The three weeks prior it averaged 51.27. Why exactly are we seeing a 7.3% price increase when the cost on world market decreased by 6.2% on average. This is pure madness.

  10. jet muh muh SLP tun….choops

  11. I realize that both St.Vincent and Dominica has better fuel prices. Even if our prices keep going up at every adjustment.

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