Gov’t and Taiwanese president officially sign joint communiqué

Gov’t and Taiwanese president officially sign joint communiqué
Joint Communique Signing Ceremony
Joint Communique Signing Ceremony

A joint communiqué has been officially signed between Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony and President of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Ma Ying-Jeou.

The document, which summarizes relations between the Taiwanese president and the St. Lucian government during President Ma’s visit to the island between August 15 -18, 2013, was signed today, August 16, 1013.

Among the matters highlighted in the document are talks between the President Ma and the St. Lucian government on issues relating to climate change, possible economic interventions from Taiwan and the current global economic crisis.

The entire document has been reprinted below for your viewing:








At the invitation of the Honourable Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, His Excellency Ma Ying-jeou, President of the Republic of China (Taiwan), paid a state visit to Saint Lucia from the fifteenth to the eighteenth of August, 2013. The President and his delegation received a warm welcome at the Hewanorra International Airport, where they were met by ministers and other officials of the Government of Saint Lucia.

During the visit, President Ma and Prime Minister Anthony cordially exchanged views on current world events and issues of mutual interest.

1. President Ma and Prime Minister Anthony underscored the importance of peace and stability for the welfare, prosperity and development of all people. As such, they reaffirmed their commitment to closer cooperation in an effort to promote peace, prosperity and human dignity in their respective regions.

2.Prime Minister Anthony welcomed President Ma’s efforts to improve “cross-strait” relations and encouraged all initiatives geared toward the peaceful resolution of these issues. President Ma expressed support for Prime Minister Anthony’s efforts in promoting the welfare of the people of Saint Lucia and acknowledged that both countries treasured the fundamental values of freedom, democracy and the rule of law.

3.Prime Minister Anthony expressed admiration for the efforts of President Ma to bring to justice those engaged in corrupt activities in his country. The two leaders emphasized that corruption retarded economic growth and development, led to penury, inequity and undermined good governance. The two leaders concluded that corruption, therefore, must be denounced and vigorously tackled in accordance with the rule of law.

4. Prime Minister Anthony reiterated Saint Lucia’s support for the aspirations of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to seek membership in international organizations, such as the World Health Organisation, and expressed his belief that the international community has much to gain from the contribution, expertise and experience of as many stakeholders as possible.

5. Prime Minister Anthony and President Ma confirmed the importance of the need for climate change adaptation and mitigation, particularly to Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Prime Minister Anthony noted that Saint Lucia is highly vulnerable to natural disasters and climate change. He indicated that this has had the coupled effect of stunting economic growth and increasing debt levels as Saint Lucia has had to take actions to mitigate the impacts of climate change and to respond to the debilitating effects of disasters.

6. President Ma expressed the understanding of the Republic of China (Taiwan) that cooperation on disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and mitigation is important for the future development of Saint Lucia.

7. Prime Minister Anthony noted and supported the participation of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in global climate change action through the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

8. President Ma reaffirmed that the Republic of China (Taiwan) will continue to provide assistance to support the development programme of Saint Lucia and, in particular, its agriculture and tourism sectors; science and technology; healthcare; sustainable energy; public sector modernisation; community infrastructure; and poverty alleviation. The Republic of China (Taiwan) will also share other aspects of its social, human and economic development experiences with Saint Lucia.

9. Prime Minister Anthony emphasized the importance of private sector investment to Saint Lucia’s sustainable economic growth and invited the Republic of China (Taiwan) to encourage foreign direct investment, particularly in tourism and manufacturing, so as to deepen economic partnership.

10. As a consequence, President Ma and Prime Minister Anthony concluded that the two countries should pursue an agreement for the promotion and protection of investment, as well as arrangements for the promotion of trade, technology transfer and travel.

11. On behalf of the Government and People of Saint Lucia, Prime Minister Anthony expressed his gratitude for the assistance of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in improving Saint Lucia’s infrastructure at the national and community levels. He also expressed appreciation for partnerships in the field of agriculture, health, education and human resource development, which all redound to the benefit of the people of Saint Lucia.

12. The two leaders pledged their continued cooperation and friendship as they seek to further the common interests of their peoples.

13. President Ma expressed sincere appreciation to Prime Minister Anthony, as well as to the Government and People of Saint Lucia for the warm hospitality and courtesies extended to him and the members of his delegation.

Done in duplicate in the English and Chinese languages, in Castries, Saint Lucia, on the sixteenth day of August in the year Two Thousand and Thirteen, corresponding to the sixteenth day of the eighth month in the One Hundred and Second year of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

…………………………………….                           ………………………………………

Kenny D Anthony                                               Ma Ying-Jeou
Prime Minister President                                Saint Lucia Republic of China (Taiwan)


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  1. The P.M of St. Lucia is absolutely CLUELESS. He used his 'inherited traits' - especially that of manipulation and deceit, to once again con his way into office. Here you have a man, who promised that he would have injected "$100M into the economy within his first 90 days of assuming office" ...Here you have a man in 2009, who encouraged civil servants to strike if they did not receive their "14.5% increase" and this same man today asserts that the reason that the country is in such economic turmoil is because of the "ill-advised 14.5% given to civil servants by the UWP"...SICK.

    St. Lucians need to wake up and realize what is happening around them. This island is becoming like Trinidad during the early to mid 90's, when there was an erosion of the middle class. Right now in SL there are just 2 classes of people - the upper and lower class and the P.M and his cohorts, well guess where they are? It is an utter shame that an island blessed with such pristine and natural beauty cannot attract more foreign investors. It is an utter shame that an island where it's students are the highest per capita at UWI and other regional institutions, cannot put mechanisms in place to tap into that rich reservoir. All the educated St. Lucians are fleeing for "better days' in America, Canada, UK, etc, that is a shame on the leadership of this island.

    Spending all the island's meager resources on inquiry after inquiry to promulgate vitriol and tap into the ignorance of the people...WE as St. Lucians need leaders who are selfless, dedicated and true to the cause; NONE of whom are occupying office right now. Just take a look for example (names refrained), as soon as SLP got into office what did they do? Ambassador here and ambassador there - qualified or not. They then turn around and accuse the UWP of hiring consultants left and right - that most likely is true, however, what's the difference?

    There are people hired by the St. Lucian Gov't working as tourism officials in Florida, NY and Georgia living large on the backs of the St. Lucian people - trust me, I meet some of them daily. Tell me how could that be right St. Lucia? House paid for by the SL gov't, vehicle paid for by the SL gov't, etc , etc, etc. How could that be right in a period where a responsible gov't should implement expedient austerity measures to reduce the cost of living for native St. Lucians?



    • “All the educated St. Lucians are fleeing for “better days’ in America, Canada, UK…” I honestly think you should retract this statement because this is certainly not what I see when I visit the US or Canada; and believe me I travel quite frequently.


  2. we need closure on all the moneys given to the previous administration as to where did it went to, even chastenet collected a lump sum he needs to declare and accounted for it, spider montoute also and others.


  3. Taiwan has been a great friend to us, and they are helping others today, just like when they were helped back then in their development. Long live democracy and down with communism/modern-slavery.


  4. Ref:3.Prime Minister Anthony expressed admiration for the efforts of President Ma to bring to justice those engaged in corrupt activities in his country.

    Read:Proof of government corruption


    • Talking about biting the hand that feeds you. The only reason those corrupt scum keep recycling in the halls of power is because the all have something on each other and the populace is too dumb to see through their lies.


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