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Gov’t and DSH committed to preservation and conservation of Maria Islands


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pearl_of_the_caribbeanPRESS RELEASE – The “Pearl of the Caribbean” Project is one of the most adventurous and ambitious projects in the Caribbean which is poised to make Saint Lucia an even more unique destination and create economic activity as never before seen in the south of the island.

In pursuance of this project the Government of Saint Lucia and the Master Developer, Desert Star Holdings Caribbean Limited (DSH), are committed to operating within the the laws of Saint Lucia and the project will be subject, as in all cases, to the requisite Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) and the approval of the Development Control Authority (DCA).

The Government is also committed to undertaking the necessary studies, protecting and conserving the natural landscape of Saint Lucia and in particular the wildlife and marine life on Maria Islands. Contrary to some reports, the project is intended to enhance Saint Lucia’s natural assets, and is sensitive to the principles of sustainable development which includes biodiversity preservation, environmental protection and respect for the eco-system.

On March 9th 2017 the Government and Desert Star Holdings jointly unveiled the second phase of the project which is the proposed Southern Causeway, a reclaimed land site of between 150 to 200 acres in Vieux Fort near the Maria Islands.

The Government of Saint Lucia welcomes the ongoing discussion on the project in the public domain and hopes that the debate will continue in a manner where we can share concerns and ideas in a constructive way which does not harm our country’s image.

In order to assist discussions based on fact it is necessary that the Government share aspects related to the second phase of the project with Saint Lucians, as follows:

• The Government and the Developer have agreed that the proposed Causeway will not be connected to Maria Islands and there will be a waterway separating Maria Islands from the Causeway. Meaning the two islands, Maria Major and Maria Minor, will remain detached from the development.

• Artist Rendering: The drawings shown at the March 9th 2017 ceremony are a preliminary artist impression and the concept is still being refined and changed in this ongoing exercise as the developer undertakes significant technical research on the area.

• Studies: Several feasibility studies and tests will be done with renowned reclamation and environmental experts.

• Communication: The Government has been open and remains open to receiving concerns from local and foreign agencies associated with the project. The Government has along every step of the way shared information with the Saint Lucian public on the status of the different phases of the project.

• Protocols: Based on the developer’s well-respected track record the Government is convinced and the developer has committed to using the most up to date Environmental Protocols and innovation to facilitate the causeway and ensure it does not harm the current environment. Saint Lucia also has laws and rules which govern proposed developments which must be adhered to.

• Detailed Research on Existing Wildlife and Marine Life: The Government and the developer will work with various agencies to do detailed research on all the existing wildlife and marine life around and on the islands.

• Access & Participation: Part of the Causeway will belong to Saint Lucians and Saint Lucians will be allowed access to beaches built along the Causeway.

The Government of Saint Lucia also hopes that the proposed Southern Causeway and overall the “Pearl of the Caribbean” will:

• Bring attention to the unique features of Vieux Fort and the potential for further local and foreign investment.

• Increase economic activity in the South through the creation of jobs and potential for the development of linkage companies and industries.

• Provide opportunities for young school leavers to gain training in unique industries.

• Bring international attention to the Maria Islands and the unique flora and fauna which currently exists, thereby making the islands the center of attraction for environmental and eco-system research.

The Government of Saint Lucia reiterates that it will operate within the laws of Saint Lucia and we are open to working with all agencies on ensuring that the “Pearl of the Caribbean” project is successful, not just in implementation, but in contributing to enhancing the current natural environment that we all treasure now and for generations to come.

This article was posted in its entirety as received by This media house does not correct any spelling or grammatical error within press releases and commentaries. The views expressed therein are not necessarily those of, its sponsors or advertisers.


  1. This entire thing sounds like some African despot desperately attempting to pull the wool over the eyes of his people. We did get the government we deserved, didn't we? Flip-flop after flip-flop in an attempt to fool the public, because the fix is already in, and having accounts filled in foreign states, you need to make good on your part. And by the way, the name is actually really mine... not some pseudo-name to hide behind.

  2. To dictate is act without consultation and if there is any consultation, is to act contrary to the wish(es) of the majority. I see a dictator at the fore. Will not take no for an answer and is constantly looking for excuses to do things his way. The best and perhaps the only way to conserve, is to keep things as is.

  3. Simple maths-....

    If 100 passports are sold/given to DSH. If they are all working on the construction then we have 100 Saint Lucians at work?

    If 1000 passports are sold in a similar manner then how many Saint Lucians are working?

  4. The St. Lucian version of preservation is : leave it alone , we will cover it up with garbage and dead animals to protect it from the hands of foringners.

  5. There is promontory created, and not a causeway when you shoot out a narrow piece of land into the sea. When any of the islands are joined, then we have a causeway.

    Are we trying hard as hell to mix up people whilst at the same time, fooling ourselves? It would seem so.

    The 'boot' or the 'foot' at the end of Saint Lucia was always there. Geographically, any piece of land that does that is a promontory. It is a promontory. The old primary school text book on geography by H. D. Belizaire was very clear on that.

    Joining, by creating roadway where water previously was, gives us cause, to have a clear way to those islands freely. Are we only interested in keeping those islands as permanent zoos just for the benefit of backpackers? They may come to pay one-off visits, just to write their for-profit stories for National Geographic Magazine.

  6. Chastanet is about making sure his family is as rich as possible and so he does not care about st lucia and preservation. he does not listen to anybody. the black folks in st lucia can screw off as far as Chastanet is concerned. his fancy plans and stupid words does not mean jack. and he knows it. and u lucians should know it too. the man is determined to go ahead with dolphin park. and is putting up the middle finger to those who disagree. then he coming for maria island which should remain a sanctuary. does extinction mean anything to that money hungry desperate to continue filling the family purse kind of fella? does that man know that once this land was known as the land of the iguanas and now none can be found because of manmade incursions? now the last remaining refuge for reptiles found nowhere else like the colourful lizard, is going to be under threat because of Chastanet's myopic view and his personal but misleading conviction that he is better than those darker ones that put him there? Wat the heck is going on in that UWP and why are they silent when it comes to chastanet's antics? they better remember SLP paid the price when they stayed moomoo on Jufalli and all the other nastiness they did. If this is how chastanet moving. he had better not think he is going to be in that position for too long. call early elections, come with an alternative party run by black people for black people.

    • Unstable Communications Person

      If they Chastanets were so concerned about being rich they would give up all the money they have made and start from scratch. Stop being stupid. You might make a case for legacy but not for being rich. Chastenet will leave that to the little fish who schemed off a couple million off a 150 year proof bridge here or there or small contracts or housing schemes etc. The Chastenets could have just continued milking the country's food supply by enjoying a merger of the two largest supermarkets under the administration of Kenny Anthony. The Chastenet trying to get rich bullshit does not compute! Get it? He is rich already. You cannot tax a country to death. You cannot just sit idly by while young people are leaving school and starving. These projects will create jobs while having minimal impact on the environment. Sit back and watch a thirty year plan of development come to fruition. Call election now? The loud jackasses are making noise which is their constitutional right. The numbers are on the ground waiting for employment. Sit will be a smooth ride!

      • Communication Skills

        Please learn the English Language before you comment so that you can communicate effectively to an audience. There is no clarity in terms of the argument that you are attempting to make. In fact at least I understood the points made to which you have selected to respond. Go back to to the basics dear but even if you do, your eloquence or analytical ability cannot be guaranteed based on the thought processes expressed.

  7. If they're committed to preservation, they will leave sandy beach alone and it's neighbouring your marina, do your race track

    Hell..go behind le paridis.

  8. Yo Peh! Zot Peh! Now that the international Press start putting “pain in your basket” you’ll flip flopping like Trump.
    Like the lizard and racer jump in his pants and disappear…….and now start nibbling at sensitive areas. Reptile power not easy!

  9. Just wait a few years until you are all foieigners in your own country!

  10. St lucians yall too fast. At least wait to see what the project will really be like. Yall had prefer kenny that used to keep everything asecret. Yall looshans eh know what yall want. If was me chastanet i leave the south in misery with all the shit they saying. I woulda pit dsh in micoud and forget vf.

  11. i well want work. From Choiseul just let me know where to send my application.

  12. concerned foreign citizen

    We just have to wait and see. Be patient. People down south needs work and plenty.

  13. Liar liar pants on fire!

  14. Chastenet' nose must be growing at a considerable rate unlike the economy. Dirty LIAR

  15. Don't just tell us you are going to preserve and conserve the islet area. This to me is lip service. Show us your plan and let us be the judge of that. Enough of the words, we need to see evidence that what you ssy is going is not hyperbole and actually being done.

  16. Myopic and short sighted. When Sir John was bridging pigeon island, a historical site, some st. lucians got confused and didnt understand the nature and benefits of the project. Sir John was not deterred. They laughed at his idea of a tunnel. Today look at the benefits of all of those moves.
    Nothing strange. Same myopic and short sighted opposition occurring today for DSN and the Dolphin Park. For those persons we would still be in the 1950's

  17. DOlphinman tothe Rescue

    Yes Sir! That's how you counter false information being spread by the unstable labour party operatives. It is understood that the mortgage payments and car payments are due and that the seats on boards and contracts have dried. But look at it this way...we all can get employment from this development. We all can benefit. When St. Lucia does well, we all do well. The concerns of civilians should be taken seriously by the government every step of the way. These concerns for the environment may be legitimate in certain quarters and the government should invite all parties to consult at every turn. As for the party which wills stay out of power for the next thirty years...get jobs at the largest construction company on island. That way, you get to work in a safe environment.

    • "We can all get benefit? We can all get jobs? " Are we referring to the same China.You need to read up on the Chinese in Guyana, Sri Lanka and when they built the stadium. They bring their own workers, sometimes illegally. The Chinese have a history of employing their own and all sorts of abuses. Also the contract said that they are under no obligation to hire locals. So what jobs are you talking about. Read the agreement before you make any comments. Even the UWP ministers have issues with it.

      • Unstable Communications Person

        Remember when you people were pro-Chinese? The investors are not going to all be Chinese. Stop being a Lucian...think about the state the country is in having to borrow money to pay public servants and to service its debt. Look at the domestic economy in V. Fort. That cockroach behavior is unbecoming. Move away from the shirtjack mentality!

  18. Access & Participation: Part of the Causeway will belong to Saint Lucians and Saint Lucians will be allowed access to beaches built along the Causeway.

    The question is which part of the causeway. The question is will the beach access be similar to what we have at Sandals resorts where locals are chased from the beaches.

    This thing is ludicrous and we need to stop playing politics with this thing and look at it from a national standpoint. This deal does not benefit us in comparison to how much we must give up to see it a success.

  19. If the government of St. Lucia reiterates that it will operate withing the laws of St.Lucia, then it should START BY OBEYING THE LAWS OF THE HOUSE OF THE ST.LUCIA PARLIAMENT!!!

  20. This whole thing is just one lie after another.

  21. Stop The Insanity.


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