Gov’t accused of paying lip service to the crime problem

Gov’t accused of paying lip service to the crime problem
LPM Leader Therold Prudent
LPM Leader Therold Prudent
LPM Leader Therold Prudent

Saint Lucia’s minority political party, the Lucian Peoples Movement (LPM), has criticized the new government for ignoring its proposal for a National Consultation on Crime, as did the previous administration.

In a strongly worded statement issued on Monday, the LPM said successive governments, both United Workers Party (UWP) and the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), have refused to entertain the proposal.

The party suggested that this may be so, because of fear that the people’s direct questioning and participation may undermine “their long standing propaganda” of giving the impression that crime in Saint Lucia isn’t as bad as it may appear to be.

“There is no doubt that the escalation of crime have not only dealt a blow to the quality of community life in Saint Lucia, but is on track to ruin our economic future and the reputation of our island abroad,” the LPM stated.

The party said it’s proposal for a national consultation on crime would bring all sectors of the Saint Lucian community together to devise a comprehensive plan that would solicit the involvement of an entire nation.

But it said this proposal also seems dead under an Allen Chastanet administration.

“In our view, Mr Chastanet and the UWP talks tough but it is very evident that they will once again leave office without having done anything of great significance to make the citizens of Saint Lucia safer,” it added.

The LPM said it had predicted in 2013, that the SLP’s Anti-gang legislation would not have produced any results towards the effort of combating crime and it was right.

The party had cautioned the Kenny Anthony government, saying, “to place absolute power in the hands of the police to use scare tactics and brute force to deter young people from criminal activities may work in the short term but will prove very costly for Saint Lucia in the long run.”

The LPM had cited the experience of a number of countries, particularly the United States, where the enactment of anti-gang legislation has only served to increase the level of criminal activity rather than to decrease it.

“Our message this morning is not about the LPM, but about you the people of Saint Lucia. How long do you intend to allow elected politicians to play games with the issue of crime, and thus resorting to artificial and non-effective measures, while on a daily basis the lawlessness in our country continue to spin out of control?”

The LPM wants the government to deal with the root causes of crime, which are poverty, the lack of opportunity for upward economic and social mobility, drugs, poor parenting skills, and an educational system which fails to teach young people of their responsibilities to our nation as Saint Lucian citizens.


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  1. And don't forget have their.wives at home and destroy other ppls house and still threatens who so ever woman they screwing it's a shame the police and the politicians are nasty and upsetting people in this country


  2. The police does.sit with the ppl who bring drugs and guns in our country from Gros islet down to vieux fort and protect these people the police are corrupt so crime will never stop they brutalize the poor man but when a business man or rich man abuse his family an they get called to resolve these situations they take the money man side and ntn being done hence domestic violence it comes down to our drunk police officers and drug smuggling police and they don't care once they make money to pay their big house loans and 3 car loans and live lavish life that's all they care about


  3. We must realize by now that the politicians come and go but we remain, citizens. Therefore, we must stop politicizing every comment but rather analyze it and critic it objectively. Let our primary focus be on country and party or politician second. You will love your child but you will correct that child if he or she has broken one of the house rules.


  4. What I love about these guys is that their confidence in the PM is so high that they are expecting him to correct everything in the short time he is in government. The PM has laid out his plan to combat the crime situation he inherited. Prudent has not criticised or commended the plan. Here he is releasing this crap.


  5. At least someone is speaking out. So far, crime has been pushed on the back burner. I am so disappointed. People work so hard to buy their basic needs and furnishings for their homes, only to be burglarised by someone who wants fast money. We can no longer leave our doors unlocked. Women fear remaining home alone at night or walking the streets alone. Innocent people are being murdered.

    Our freedom is being taken away and it is a sad situation.

    What about investing in surveillance cameras island-wide?
    What about amending legislation to have stricter penalties fr offenders?
    Where is the sexual offender registry?

    Those are a few of the many suggestions that the public has posted on SNO and spoken about on talk shows but as usual, they fall on deaf ears.

    I hope that there will be some intervention before the reputation of our once sweet island is ruined.


  6. This guy still around?... Mr.Prudent this head shot of you in that photo looks COMICAL, that font behind you is not a good font for a political organization. It's a font used in cartoons.




  7. Why not start fresh and implement the Anti- Corruption Act advocated by the UN? It can be seen as a neutral stance without any government saying that they were targeted by another administration. Lest implement the change now.


  8. Well I have always insisted on that. Well what are we waiting for to pass the Anti-corruption Act? If the people have determined and the government have determined that for themselves that the governments are the biggest crooks so why not make that the priority? Uh LPM?


  9. Party or a one-man pressure group? This man should join hands with Azzie of ONE to become TWO. Why all this empty rhetoric all of the time? Get a tweeter account. Same effect.


    • Fool. Why dont you comsentrate on the substance of the LPM's message instead og attacking a good man who means well for our country.
      Crime does not respect anyone so i am fully supportive of that statement because its food for thought.
      Just because i voted for the UWP in the last election does not mean that i do noy have any regard for commonsense.


      • You have buyer's remorse. You thought that overnight the crime habit of school retards would stop just because a new government is in power? And you have the comical brand of Saint Lucian commonsense to call people fools when you by your own words represent all the low-information processors on the island. What an idiot.


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