Gov’t accused of failing to deliver on post-Hurricane Tomas promises

Gov’t accused of failing to deliver on post-Hurricane Tomas promises
Some of the damages caused by Hurricane Tomas in 2010.
Hurricane Tomas caused major damages to the island’s infrastructure in 2010.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) had promised to undertake major works under the Post Hurricane Tomas Reconstruction Project, to ensure that the island’s infrastructure is rebuilt.

But according to United Workers Party (UWP) politician Guy Joseph, four years have passed and reconstruction has not even started at several locations across the island.

Joseph, a former Works and Transport Minister, said his party was in office for only one year after Hurricane Tomas and they were able to complete a few major reconstruction works.

“There are still areas where reconstruction work has not commenced,” he stated.

Joseph made reference to the Allan Bousquet Highway, which links the North to the Morne and to the East Coast Road, via the Tapion link road, for which reconstruction only began two weeks ago.

“If you pass Bagatelle at the junction between Bagatelle, Forestiere and the Morne, there is a wall where the road is undermined since Tomas and it has not been touched,” he further stated.

Joseph claims that there are also roads in Forestiere that were damaged as a result of Hurricane Tomas that have still not been repaired, while many roads in other communities remain the same.

“Does this government understands anything about reconstruction?” he questioned.

Quoting a section of the 2011 Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) manifesto, Joseph said the SLP promised that in the first two years in office, they would have mobilized resources to undertake the reconstruction.

The SLP had also pledged to have damaged and silted agricultural lands restored, have several rivers desilted and the island’s national water distribution system repaired.

But Joseph argues that all of these promises failed to materialise, explaining that there are many farm lands which still have silt, while Roseau, Cul De Sac and Mabouya Valley are silted as well.

“The last set of heavy flooding in Bexon is a direct result of a lack of desilting work by the labour administration. Since the through, Bexon has not been properly desilted,” he explained.

The Castries South East MP said some “superficial work” was done, where they pulled out a bit of the silt and placed it on the river banks but as soon as it rain, it went right back into the rivers.

Joseph maintains that there has been no extensive desilting taking place, ever since the hurricane.

He challenged the media to do a tour with him, so they can witness for themselves the extent of reconstruction that are still to take place after Hurricane Tomas struck Saint Lucia back in 2010.


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  1. Truly it is silly season...when a former communication and works minister who cannot highlight any major overhaul of the country's infrastructure during his tenure, can open his flappers and talk about a promise. If the gentleman from Castries Southeast want to talk about promises, then its fair play for me to highlight the promise made in his party's 2006 manifesto of creating 7000 jobs which never materialized. I believe our politicians have perfected the art of playing on the people's ignorance. Even in a technological age, we allow ourselves to be swayed by blatant lies. Guy was the MP for Bexon, he did very little to alleviate the flooding although he headed the powerful Woks ministry. He did not repair roads in Belair until elections were approaching...those roads in the inside of the community are in deplorable conditions. We the people need to stand up and call out these dang politicians be it SLP or UWP. enough of the attacking for political mileage, when is it going to be about the country and not about politicians trying to line up their pocket. This foolishness has got to stop. If you're gonna quote, make sure no one can rebut your statement with a similar quote. Moving on...


  2. But guy !!!!!..........will U pleas open the warehouse at your home and deliver all the donations sent to the island after "THOMAS" There is over enough materials stock-pile with U 2 rebuild the whole/hole Country.


  3. Yes Guy tell them. election is just round the bend, that is why every where you pass in Castries you see all pot holes are being worked upon. These roads have been in a deplorable state for years, but only now attention is given to the roads, so speak about what is not done and surely they will get some attention before election even though it is remedial work




    • Daughter of retard....I don't know why you choose to just sound so unintelligent...A event like a hurricane which caused massive amounts of damage does not need to be addressed because it happened a few years ago...please...there are still ppl who have not recovered from the damage and still need assistance...


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