Governor General: Let us honour St. Lucia’s legends and laureates

Governor General: Let us honour St. Lucia’s legends and laureates
Sir John Compton
A monument will be established for Sir John Compton this year, according to the governor general.

A call has gone out to Saint Lucians to commemorate the remarkable contributions of the island’s legends and laureates.

That call came from Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy as she outlined government’s priorities and legislative intentions for the upcoming year.

“We should never forget that we are a land of legends and of laureates, the land of Lewis, Arthur and Alexander. Our identity has often been shaped by many great heroes, nationally and in the community. I therefore call on parliament and the nation to celebrate figures.  Indeed, there are many heroes who have gone on and we must find a fitting way to celebrate them,” Louisy said.

In recognition of the sterling characters and contributions of heroes, government will engage in an exercise for the naming of buildings and infrastructure throughout the island.

“We will this year establish three monuments, including one for former prime minister, Sir John Compton, commissioned by the former government. This exercise of memorial will also be extended to the naming of our streets and thoroughfares. I hope that other fitting means of tribute will be found throughout our society,” Louisy added.

In an effort to mark the confidence and success of this initiative, a National Heroes Commission will soon be established.


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