Governments must listen to their citizens, says Governor General

Governments must listen to their citizens, says Governor General
Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy
Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy
Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy

While highlighting the negative impacts Saint Lucia and the rest of the Caribbean are likely to face in light of Brexit, Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy said there is a lesson to learnt from that event.

Firstly, the Governor General said the new decision is already showing signs of negative impact on the entire globe, as the value of the pounds sterling has decreased.

She said this alone will make it more expensive for British tourists to visit the Caribbean and will also impact negatively on remittances that flow throughout the Caribbean.

The island’s head of state said the lesson to be learnt however is governments must listen to their citizens. “If this had happened, the outcome could have been very different,” referring to the recent election.

The election saw a major swing of voters supporting the United Workers Party (UWP) against the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), which managed to capture 11 of the 17 constituency seats.

And most of the UWP candidates won their seats by major margins, which came as a surprise to many.

Dame Louisy said her government will not be deterred by challenges, but noted that they have found that arrangements were entered into by its predecessor on the eve of an election.

“Arrangements which may be interpreted as serving not only to compromise the confidence which the people are entitled to be able to place in the integrity of the Cabinet, but indeed the confidence entitled to be enjoyed in the discharge of matters in relation to the country’s foreign relation,” the Governor General said in her annual throne speech on Tuesday.

Dame Lousiy said the financial burdens imposed by these arrangements and the tax sales are being assessed and the need for appropriate legislative measures to protect citizens from such arrangements in the future will be explored.

Meanwhile, she said the new government has been encouraged by the overwhelming show of support and expression of goodwill from friendly governments, international and regional agencies, as well as local institutions and citizens generally.

“My government extends deep appreciation and pledges to work with all in pursuit of our mutual interests and objectives,” she added.


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  1. Absent the obvious lip service paid to St. Lucian citizens, what tangible steps has the Governor General taken during her tenure, or even over the course of her life, to ensure that governments are accountable to citizens?


    • None. She just gets paid for wearing fancy hats and cutting ribbons. Representing a queen who hardly knows we exist. Fancy racket she has going on there.


    • All governors just reads what was given to them read. They make no policy input whatsoever. You sound very old as in the old days when people thought the stand-pipe belonged to the Queen. Everything was named 'the Royal' this or the Royal that. Even the jail belonged to the Queen of England.

      A lot of us, we don't seem to know the first thing about government. We only know party. Little wonder we were very confused about the crap that the SLP did. We do not want to take the time to educate ourselves about types of taxation and the ethics of government taxation. We are comfortable for SLP to borrow to give to supporters for a part-time job that is NICE and that is in STEP.


  2. Sir, the former PM has no friends. Don't confuse the phychophants adulation of some that prospered under his patronage.
    Friends what friends? $$$$


  3. I love Mrs Dame pearlette Louisy.she is a very wise and intelligent woman,she is being very meticulate and articulate,she leaves no stones unturn,very neutral with her speech,but who feels it knows and I know she did....this was a PAWOL JHAITEY for the last gov't...." the gov't must listen to their citizens" bless madam,your speech thing I must add,she looks and sounds so proud as she mentions MY gov't to the Allan chastenet administration.


  4. Whoever sold Labour on the concept that chastanet was dumb or somehow couldn't jerodie his way to power or while in power...should be banished!


  5. The Throne Speech, traditionally, was prepared by the Prime Minister of the day but read by the Governor General.


  6. not only will it make it be more expensive for British tourists to visit the Caribbean but it will make them even much cheaper than they already are after they dont leave tips


  7. And there I was believing that she was the former PM's friend. That was, on balance, not a particularly neutral statement regarding the transition.


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