Government welcomes TUF’s decision to accept wage freeze

PM Anthony.

PRESS RELEASE – The Government of Saint Lucia has noted a Press Release issued by the President of the Trade Union Federation, Mr. Julian Monrose that the members of the Trade Union Federation have offered “to accept a wage freeze for the period April 2013 to March 2016.”

The Government welcomes this decision and applauds the members of the TUF for their willingness to sacrifice wage increases at this time.

However, as the Government has explained, a wage freeze addresses future increases in public expenditure but does not resolve the immediate situation of the fiscal deficit.

For that reason, the Government agrees with the Trade Unions that other measures will be necessary to improve the “Government’s fiscal position and the economic situation in the country.” In that regard, the Government will continue to dialogue with the Federation.

The Government shares the hope of the Federation that “other sections of the country will follow the good example of [the] members [of the TUF] in making a sacrifice for country in times of need.”



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  1. PM you cannot be more transparent than u are right now. youre not interested in a wage freeze u want salary cuts. u need to start looking at more creative and innovative ways of getting investments in st lucia as appose to further burdening the citizenry. Day by day we have less buying power in st lucia thanks to u. What u think will happen next


  2. Am not sure why the smiling , to bring a country down to its knees and now ppl have to accept a pay freeze , in case you wondering that's not process that's survival and I know you cannot save that country you do not have what it takes am sorry... Today is pay freeze next time is no pay at all by than you will be laughing


  3. Monrose using his red card, not his green card or yellow card for that matter............... lets see if he can do the same thing thing when the politics is out of the way............... old sly fox thats what you are


  4. Everyone in the civil gets a pay freeze, but the big fat boys in Government a cut of all the action, an unknown dollar quantum.


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