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Castries, Saint Lucia, Monday November 29, 2021:– Friends and supporters of Cuba in Saint Lucia are calling on the Philip J. Pierre administration to move quickly to ensure Saint Lucia gets early delivery of Cuba’s approved COVID-19 vaccines.

The call was made Saturday during a special event at the Finance Administrative Center at Pointe Seraphine in Castries, where the St. Lucia-Cuba Humanistic Solidarity Association (HSA) celebrated 42 years of diplomatic ties between Saint Lucia and Cuba and the Association’s 16th anniversary. The event was attended by the new Cuban Ambassador to Saint Lucia, Bernardo Toscano Sardinas.

The call for accessing the Cuban vaccines came by way of a resolution from the floor, calling on the Government to initiate steps to secure the Cuban vaccines, which have been accredited by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Abdala, the most popular of Cuba’s five vaccines, is ready to hit the market and Havana is now reportedly ready to share the vaccine with the world, starting with its Latin American and Caribbean neighbors.

Cuba’s President Miguel Diaz Canel has assured Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre and other leaders of the Conference of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) at their recent Mexico Summit in September 2021 that after substantive clinical trials at home, Havana was about to share the vaccines. Cuba’s vaccines have been tailored for children and include a nasal spray for those fearful of needles.

Unvaccinated Saint Lucians and other citizens of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and Latin America, as well as Canadians, have been awaiting the Cuban vaccine. Many among that group explain that they are not “anti-vaxers”, but simply have more trust in the Cuban vaccine, especially given Cuba’s historical achievements in medicine, which has been acknowledged by the WHO from as far back as the AIDS pandemic in the 1980s.

PM Pierre and President Diaz had held private exchanges during the Mexico summit, during which the president reassured Cuba’s constant readiness to assist Saint Lucia in facing its medical challenges, as was agreed way back in 1979, when the two islands established diplomatic ties.

The resolution was supported by members attending the hybrid event, in-person and online, including those from the Saint Lucia diaspora.

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