Government to improve e-services

Government to improve e-services

(GIS) – As part of the Digital Transformation Project, the Department of Public Service has embarked on an ICT Evolution Project which forms part of a road map to implement government services online.

The project facilitates and accelerates the e-government agenda to focus on connecting people, in essence, allowing the public service, citizens and businesses to interact and share information.

The initiative is geared at launching a single window platform, which will automate an estimated 154 government services across eight agencies by 2021.

Marlon Narcisse, Acting Director of the Division of Public Sector Modernization, said the initiative enables government to adopt a more citizen-centric approach to service delivery.

The project is being facilitated by CrimsonLogic Ltd, headquartered in Singapore, with a branch established in Trinidad and Tobago. Saw Ken Wye, Chief Executive Officer of Crimson Logic explained that the company, CrimsonLogic, was formed as part of Singapore’s government strategy to improve the economy. He added that partnering with the Government of Saint Lucia to build digital government services is a natural evolution for government bodies worldwide.

The ICT project was launched within the Ministry of Economic Development, Housing, Urban Renewal, Transport and Civil Aviation. Minister for Economic Development, Hon. Guy Joseph, stated that the manner in which a government provides public services impacts how it attracts foreign direct investment.

According to the most recent Ease of Doing Business Report conducted by The World Bank, Saint Lucia has been ranked 93 out of a total of 190 countries.


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