Govt to construct new bridge in Canaries

Govt to construct new bridge in Canaries

GIS – Residents of the Western Village of Canaries had an opportunity, last Thursday, to view the designs and provide feedback for a new Canaries bridge during a community consultation with the Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport.

Speaking at the meeting, Permanent Secretary Allison A. Jean, said the Bailey bridge became a major concern following damage sustained during Hurricane Tomas in 2010.

The bridge was eventually washed away during the 2013 Christmas Eve Trough, and a temporary bridge was erected in its place, to restore access to the town of Soufriere.

During the consultation, the technical team presented the designs which, they indicated were in line with international standards. Among the essential tenants of the design criteria was that the bridge should be constructed to withstand a 1 in 100 year storm event, and should be resilient to flooding and earthquakes.

The new bridge will be built to accommodate two traffic lanes and would also be equipped with a sidewalk on either side. In an effort to minimize the risk of flooding, the new bridge will be raised by a half-metre above the level of the existing Bailey bridge, while river protection work including a three-metre wall will be built along the northern side of the river to protect the village from flooding.

Parliamentary Representative Hon. Dr. Desmond Long said he was happy with the proposed river protection work which will help lessen the flooding that the village experiences during heavy rainfall events. He also expressed satisfaction that plans were at an advanced stage.

Prequalified contractors may be asked to submit tender documents for the project by September, with contracts awarded by November.

The Project is being funded by the Caribbean Development Bank.


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  1. Shortlist contractors based on supporters of the Labour Party. smh. Then a % goes to some minister. Shortlist - IDC, CIE, Heavy Machinery, Mongroo. Do we really need to borrow that 6 million dollars right now. BTW. The bailey bridge is of international standard and will last 50 years minimum. smh


  2. why is government going to borrow 6 million dollars to do that bridge? Is there a problem with the current bailey bridge.? Smh. Is it absolutely necessary to borrow so much money at this time. Smh. Shortlist contractors, the usual suspects IDC, CIE, Irwin Gajadhar, Mongroo. ..WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE LUCIANS. The bailey bridge BTW is of international standards.


  3. Yh. Choops.

    Surely elections are around de corner.

    "to restore access to the town of Soufriere" Why Soufriere, why not say - to restore access to the village by the people of Belvedere and River Side Area. If there was no'Soufriere' villagers would have to jump over the river 6am or students would have to take off their uniform to cross?


    Not my vote any one will get.

    Leave canaries without a Rep. Reps just eat monayyyyyy.

    And Dr. Long the bridge has nothing to do with floods. Your focus should be on the blocked drains and the fact that the mouth of the river is closed. Smh

    Bunch of Jokers.


  4. wait a minute, DESMOND LONG ALIVE. and he only now remember Canaries ppl put him in office. after his party shunned him the Party neither LONG have done nothing much for Canaries. I voted them and expected better but awa.disappointed


    • Yeah! That's to secure funding for their campaign and to line their pockets. Wake up, Lucians! Wake up!


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