Government to be proactive in the face of global turmoil


Thursday, 23 August, 2012 – Prime Minister Honourable Dr Kenny D Anthony says the government of Saint Lucia will not lay dead in the face of global economic crisis.

In fact Prime Minister Anthony says the government will adopt proactive and robust approaches to improve the economic fortunes of the country and its people.

Dr Anthony says recognising the urgency of bringing bread and butter to the table for many citizens at a time of economic crisis,government may have to revisit what was once thought to be scared or even fashion policies that were once thought to be unthinkable.

“We cannot allow the status quo to prevail,this economic crisis that we are experiencing now requires a re engineering of government’s role in the economy,a re engineering that will bring back home to our business and our people and will alleviate and reduce unemployment among our youth as we cannot allow such delicate and creative minds to go to waste. A re engineering is need that would not just raise the demand for gods and services in the economy but more importantly allow for investment in the social and physical infrastructure of this country,this time requires that government becomes more active in the management of the economy”.

Prime Minister Anthony says ever since the start of the year the government has implemented a number of social programmes which have and continue  to bring about development and positive change in the economy.

However has says  while the benefits of some interventions are already being realised,other will materialise in the medium to long term.

“I am aware that Saint Lucians are anxious to feel the impact of all these measure and for some the wait is unbearable,I want to assure however that even after a mere few months of making these pronouncements government has made substantial progress with respect to the implement of all our short term measures,already under the National Initiative to Create Employment or NICE programme we have created almost one thousand jobs,the Short Term Employment Programme Uplifting People (STEPUP) has been delivered and only two week ago the SMILES program proving special assistance to single mothers was launched”.

The Prime Minister says government is committed to leading by example to ensure a positive turn around in the economy.


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