Gov’t targets agriculture production, marketing

Gov’t targets agriculture production, marketing


GIS – The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Physical Planning, Natural Resources and Co-Operatives has initiated a drive to impact spur production amoung farmers.

Hon. Ezechiel Joseph, Minister for Agriculture, has stated that the government is intent on collating all facets necessary for a conclusive outcome.

“We are committed to the agriculture sector including fisheries and forestry, and we now have added responsibility—physical development and natural resources (which includes water.) We are now working on implementing a program that we articulated before elections that will impact positively on rural folk.”

The Minister said there are key factors that, if implemented into the agricultural sector, would  yield positive results for agriculturalists.

“We believe that we can encourage farmers to get back into production, and what we are looking at is to implement policies that will create an environment that encourages production. One of the critical things is marketing. One would appreciate that marketing is critical in the agriculture sector, and you need to provide that safety net, so that when farmers are in production and they have harvested, they will be able to sell the produce and get a good return, which will encourage them to continue producing.”

The Minister defines the objectives of the ministry as ambitious but obtainable.


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  1. This is all good and nice. I do hope that the Ministry of Agriculture stops issuing licenses to companies that import the same things we produce. A certain company called CPJ seems to be importing all produce and selling to hotels and as such farmers have lost their markets. Some farmer cooperative has revealed that the hotels no longer buy from them since CPJ came into being. It has been alleged that CPJ imports cucumbers during the glut and even coconuts. One wonders whether any major hotel chain has shares in that company.


  2. A country just cannot go wrong with Agriculture. Just like the USA, whose primary economical industry is AGRICULTURE!! That is a fact!! Tourism is too fickle an industry to promote. Agriculture is not only for food, but for health, wellness, housing, furniture, textiles, dyes, cosmetics ... the list is endless!!


  3. Under the SLP there was neither cart nor horse. Mr. Joseph has the cart a long way before the horse. He is seeing the problem, but not clearly enough. Therefore, he does not under stand the problem.

    For any enterprise to be sustainable, you need first to know who your customers are. Age, geography, after-tax income, etc., etc. You don't simply plant and hope to get the product sold, and at a good price. Having the land is good. Having the enthusiasm is good. Having and knowing the customers who will buy? Absolutely priceless!

    Farmers go through hell, with droughts, inclement weather, plant diseases and so on. Minister, please do your due diligence. We need change. Yes. But we want no repeats like SLP's World Cup Cricket air headed fiasco.


  4. This is what we want to hear and this is what we want DONE. Not convoluted stories of successes of YAP, STEP, SMILE or whatever. Put your shoulders to the wheel and work. In the coming months I expect the Minister to give the details of plans to assist farmers especially in identifying lands for agricultural production. Under the last administration many agricultural lands have turned into commercial property, warehousing and housing developments. Many lands are inaccessible under "crown Lands". I hope farmers are given some type of reprieve for getting those lands back under production once they can present what area that they will go into; whether organic or sustainable agriculture.

    Leave Black Sigatoka where he is.


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