Government sympathizes with FRC following fire at headquarters

Government sympathizes with FRC following fire at headquarters

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The Government of Saint Lucia is saddened by news of the fire on Sunday March 25th 2018 which destroyed the Folk Research Centre headquarters at Mount Pleasant.

“The work of the Folk Research Centre is of immense importance to the people of Saint Lucia,” said Minister for Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment, Honourable Lenard Montoute.

“We hope that fire officials will be able to get to the bottom of what caused this fire. However, we agree with the members of the board that the work of the FRC is more than just a building and we are committed as a Government to assisting in any way we can in the rebuilding efforts of the Folk Research Centre. Right now we know that a lot of persons in the cultural fraternity, and in Saint Lucia as a whole, who have been dedicated to the work of the FRC, feel this loss very deeply as this structure and the cultural history contained in it is part of all of us.”

The Minister said he hopes the Government can assist in finding the FRC a temporary home and added that this is a call for all to revisit how we preserve our heritage.

Since 1973, the Folk Research Centre has been devoted to preserving our cultural legacy and been an avenue for research and promoting cultural events such as Creole Heritage Month.


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  1. Here's my 2 cents. We need to start to think seriously about RISK MANAGEMENT. Very little is being done in this area, unless it is a large corporation who by reason of law must apply RISK measures to the operations of their business because i is other people's business.

    It need to be mandated that RISK MANAGEMENT is part and parcel of all businesses in Saint Lucia. FRC, National Achieves, High Court Registry, Land Registry, Companies Registry, Police Force, etc.. and the list can go on.


  2. What a pappyshow response. Minister- do you not know the loss is irreplaceable! Who was managing the facility? Who is responsible? Guaranteed they were the usual SLP hacks who attack you government at every turn. Guaranteed they were signing petitions and attending meetings against every project the UWP proposed instead of watching out for our patrimony at the institution WHERE THEY WERE BEING PAID.
    Successful countries protect their history and 40 years of material goes up in smoke and nothing for that. Where is the anger . Who is going to be held responsible. Bet you Mr Minister and your government will be blamed somehow. When will you people get serious? Jokers all!


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