Government stresses transparency in business negotiations

Government stresses transparency in business negotiations
Philip J. Pierre.

GIS – Minister for Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport, Hon. Philip Pierre said his ministry prides itself on transparency and accountability.

He spoke during a House of Assembly sitting on Tuesday, during which the Parliament was asked to guarantee several loans for road rehabilitation projects.

“Several contractors were chosen to tender, to give quotations on jobs, and on BOQS [Bills of Quantities] established by the Ministry of Infrastructure. Some contractors responded. Some did not.”

Minister Pierre said that of the contractors who responded, the contractor who was most compliant with the records and calculations of the Ministry of Infrastructure, was chosen.

“In each of these contracts—which are too big to be made documents of the House–you will find that the contractor has signed each page of the BOQ and it is verified by the Chief Engineer.”

The Deputy Prime minister assured the House that the contracts issued for the most recent road rehabilitation projects have undergone the appropriate scrutiny.

The loans were guaranteed for the rehabilitation of roads in the Vieux Fort South, and the Choiseul/Saltibus constituencies.


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