Government set to begin construction meant to increase wheelchair accessibility in Castries

Government set to begin construction meant to increase wheelchair accessibility in Castries

2016-04-14 13_11_05-Press Release- Wheelchair Access Project- City of Castries - slunewsonline@gmailPRESS RELEASE – The Government of Saint Lucia is embarking on the construction of Wheel Chair Access in the City of Castries to aid in creating accessibility for differently able persons within the City Circuit.  

The project will be financed by the Constituency Development Programme and will be supervised by the Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport.

A total of fifteen (15) access ramps equipped with hand rails will be constructed along various streets across the City of Castries. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines will be adopted as the standard for the Wheelchair Access Project.

The project will cost approximately $180,000.00 and is expected to change the physical and social character of the city and ensure that the differently able persons have physical access to buildings and other spaces that are used by the public, as well as changes to ensure their access to employment, services and civil participation.

The Government of Saint Lucia will ensure that the relevant stakeholders and emergency and safety agencies are informed of this project in an effort to safeguard and minimize the possibility of emergencies.
The Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport solicits the cooperation and patience of the commercial houses, pedestrians and general public and wishes to apologize for any inconvenience which may be caused during the project implementation.


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  1. Lets face it people can we see whats going on
    all of a sudden every thing is being addressed
    let me take you down memory lane and we will see
    First was the Dennery infant school leaking roof the following day we heard about signing of contract to build a new school
    then came the cries for the forensic lab to be opened two days later there was a press release from the Pm office saying that the lab will be opened by the end of the month
    last week on the news we heard the wheel chair guys complaining about no wheel chair access here comes a press release for construction of wheel chair access
    people if thats the pattern of this gov this election year lets make noise for all we need
    another election gimmic


  2. Yea the government has plans to construct wheelchair accessible sidewalks but what about the pieces of iron which are jutting out of our sidewalks. What about the iron sheets on the pavement just waiting to cut off a big toe. We have seen tourist go to hospital from these things. But wait, its elections and tourists don't vote.

    I wonder if it were the ministry personnel who had to construct these things would they ever come to fruition? Talking about contracts here boys, jobs, jobs, jobs, boys, boys, boys.


  3. "Sad but True" Kim Jung Un is patriotic and will go to any lengths to secure his country's sovereignty. He is also 100% North Korean, so what validity does your argument have?

    It never about proving something but it is all about doing whats right. Maybe next time you should check your children for help to make a more intelligent contribution. Children are bright nowadays, do you know?


  4. Better late than never. Whilst you'll at it try to fix the loose and crumbling drain slabs in the city which can maim and cripple people to the extent that the victims could become wheelchair- bound.


  5. Good initiative but the timing is ridiculous! This government is a joke! Why do they insist on embarking on projects such as this one which should have been implemented years ago. It's evident that these projects are being carried out as elections is round the corner. Sad. $180,000 to construct 15 ramps? I'm no engineer but that figure seems a bit excessive. I just hope these are completed at the soonest and eases accessibility of the handicap


  6. Why every thing has to be politicized; you want to fix something, then fix it.
    Sad- but true, you always come here raising red flags, wheelchair accessibility
    is something which is long past a subject to talk about; do it, damn it, and leave
    politics out of it. Crap like that always remind me, of you stupid St.Lucians.


  7. One would think that wheelchairs only came to st.lucia in January of this year and st.lucia's first disable was pip.

    The next election gimmick is a walkover from the market steps to the wellness center.


  8. The way these engineers and engi-fars are going pretty soon the roads and sidewalks will be above the roads and the road surface will be part of the drains.


  9. It takes a party that is "PEOPLE FRIENDLY" and cares about ALL SAINT LUCIANS regardless of Party or Political Affiliation to come up with such Brilliant Ideas, and actually making it a reality.

    The SLP is NOT about Hate like the "Yellow Party". But a party that is set into the future. A fearless party built on PRIDE and will stand on its Patriotic Moral fibre of being Saint Lucian against International Pressure, to waive our sovereignty to appease them.
    Can the "Yellow Party" do the same? Lol.
    The record speaks for itself. Lol


    • Thanks to Fortuna Belrose on Mr. Chairman, when she said that the rep for Marchand made project like steps and walkways that were used friendly. Not proactive at all, after being in power for 15 years now. Or is it a case that the government deliberately deprive the differently able citizens of this country for over 4 years to wait for election time to get their votes? That is sickening.


    • What century you living in? A brilliant idea?
      In the 21 st century wheelchair accessibility in Castries or St.Lucia should NOT be referred to as a brilliant idea.

      Kudos to them for at least embarking on it.

      But that is something that should have been implemented a longgggggggggg time ago.

      St.Lucia's top industry is tourism, and for many years I have observed wheelchair bound tourists struggle in Castries. Not to mention trying to get to that little sidewalk by the arcade after you leave were the old fire station use to be.

      In this 21st century let us stop shouting on the roof tops when a government build schools, roads, bridges, renovating schools , making the city wheelchair friendly. These things are no longer novel or brilliant ideas.
      We not living in the 18th century with horse and carriage.



  10. Why only now? you will never be able to complete all the works needed to be done before Elections, do not think you can fool anybody. The best thing to do , call elections, and if per chance you SLP'S get back into power, the people will see how fast you all will forget about all those small projects, you trying to quick fix just before Elections . By the way there is a drain in my area which needs some attention


    • Do you or your party has something against the Disabled? Your party has been in office the longest and never did anything to assist the Disable. So I can clearly understand your resentment. Because your party doesn't build anything. And is Anti-Lucian!


      • In recent time, when the world speaks of the differently able, this government has being in power and now they are using the differently able condition of these people as a ploy to get votes. I would have applauded them if it was done 4 years ago. They are wicked, God sees through their heart and deal with them. Sad the PM's daughter is differently able and it is now he is doing it. She should have been a reminder for you to take care of these people out there long before now.


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