Government receives second tranche of CDP funds

Government receives second tranche of CDP funds

PRESS RELEASE – The second disbursement of funds for the Constituency Development Programme (CDP) for this financial year was received by the Government of Saint Lucia, from the Republic of China (Taiwan), on Monday, November 24, 2014.

During a ceremony held in the Cabinet Room of the Office of the Prime Minister, a cheque of XCD $5,417,054.97 was handed over to Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, who in turn, presented the cheque to the Accountant General.

This disbursement will cover the cost of fifty two (52) projects to be undertaken in various communities in Saint Lucia. So far, ninety two (92) projects have been completed under the CDP in 2014.

Ambassador to the Republic of China (Taiwan), His Excellency James Chang says he is very pleased that the programme has had the desired impact of improving community infrastructure. During the ceremony, he said,

“From time to time I have been told that the volumes using the newly built roads have increased significantly. It is safer for the residents to walk and drive on those roads. The drainage is helping in keeping those roads maintained – that means no more floods.”

“The parents nowadays face no danger of their children utilizing the roads to go to school. The farmers are also happy because they can bring their produce to the market quicker and easier than in previous times. .”

Prime Minister Anthony has embraced the timing of the disbursement, noting that it will assist in rolling out projects for the Christmas season. The Prime Minister said,

“As we approach year end, these projects are indispensable in bringing Christmas cheer to Saint Lucians, both in terms of the deliverables to the community and the employment generated as a result.”

Dr. Anthony says he is pleased that through the continued support of the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) hundreds of Saint Lucians now enjoy improved access to their homes and better drainage conditions in vulnerable communities.  According to the Prime Minister,

“Most of these community projects have been driven at improving access both for vehicular and for pedestrian traffic and works continue on improving roadside drainage as well. Many people would not have a decent access to their homes if it were not for this programme. It is changing communities, changing the quality of life of families far and wide.”

The total allocation for the Constituency Development Programme for the financial year 2014/2015 amounts to eighteen million Eastern Caribbean Dollars. So far, XCD 12, 078,382.96 has been disbursed by the Republic of China (Taiwan). Two hundred and thirty one (231) projects were completed under the CDP in 2012 and 2013.


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  1. thts why some idiot decidied tht Rodney bay need walk way and removed the bus stop by the marina and create more traffic where are the buses suppose to stop to put passengers down on their way up north, Mr Enginefar chpz


  2. I hope some of these funds are used to give some relief to persons in Vieux-fort North. Its such a shame when our rep built a concrete highway to his home on taiwan funds. Take a look at the road to bamboo which is an important through road should there be any incidents on the main road, only 4WD vehicles can go through with much difficulty.

    Come on rep stop pissing in our eyes we are no longer stupid, because we live out of town.


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