Government pressing to ensure most vulnerable citizens benefit from Renewable Energy Transition

Government pressing to ensure most vulnerable citizens benefit from Renewable Energy Transition

dfc9cf4e-e5f5-4754-89a7-d2b05eb5ed44PRESS RELEASE – Government pressing to ensure most poor and vulnerable citizens benefit from Renewable Energy Transition.

Castries, Saint Lucia, February 11, 2016 – The Government of Saint Lucia`s quest to introduce more renewable energy in the local market is founded in its desire to bring benefit to the most poor and vulnerable citizens in society.

To investigate the best pathways to ensure that higher penetration of Renewables is obtained at the least cost, Government recently signed the National Energy Transition Strategy with key partners LUCELEC and the Clinton Climate Initiative, Rocky Mountain Institute and Carbon War Room alliance (CCI/ RMI-CWR).

This strategy will also ensure that the stability and reliability of the existing electrical grid is not compromised as the Government works towards accomplishing its mandate to achieve 35% of electricity production from renewable energy sources and 20% reduction in electricity consumption in the public sector by the year 2020.

Energy Minister Sen. Hon. Dr. James Fletcher says one of Government`s primary focus is to ensure the poor and most vulnerable citizens do not foot the bill of transitioning but rather receive some reprieve in their electricity bills.

To ensure that various stakeholder perspectives are represented during the implementation of this strategy the Ministry of Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology has organised a one-day consultation to obtain critical feedback on the planned implementation of the strategy.

The Saint Lucia National Energy Transition Strategy Stakeholder Consultation is scheduled for February 12, 2016 at the BOUGAINVILLEA Conference Room of the Bay Gardens Hotel from 8:30a.m.

It will include participation from key stakeholders involved in Saint Lucia’s energy transition.


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  1. Excellent.

    Start by fitting Government buildings with solar so the Electricity consumption and LUCELEC bill can be reduced and eventually diminished.

    LUCELEC, you'll should be at the forefront in renewable energy.

    Because when di ting take me i'll come and educate and potentially supply the full solar kit to Lucian households.

    Make people realise that they can actually generate enough solar power to run their ENTIRE home (365 days a year) and not have to pay you LUCELEC a cent. And if and when you bring the technology in, these same people can actual sell power to you!

    They will be a cost for panels and converters etc however it will pay for it self in a few years and after then YOU UP FREE electricity for LIFE....

    And think a bout it for a second, Lucia not short of sun.

    All about being OFF DI GRID people...


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