Government pleased Prince Henry of Wales will visit Vieux Fort

Government pleased Prince Henry of Wales will visit Vieux Fort
Desert Star Holdings Limited proposed project.
Desert Star Holdings Limited proposed project.
Desert Star Holdings Limited proposed project.

PRESS RELEASE – The Government of Saint Lucia is pleased that His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales and Kensington Palace have accepted the invitation to be part of the Sod Turning Ceremony for the Royal St Lucia Turf Club in Vieux Fort on Friday, November 25, 2016.

The Government in collaboration with Desert Star Holdings Limited, notes the significant scope of the over $2.6 billion-dollar Pearl of the Caribbean project of which the Royal Turf Club forms part of.

This project will be of immense benefit to Saint Lucia in a variety of areas including providing employment for thousands of Saint Lucians especially in the south.

Desert Star Holdings Limited had been in discussions with the Saint Lucia Government for over three years on this project which was finally brought to light in July 2016 when the new Government signed a framework agreement to build the island’s first and only international standard integrated development. Construction of the initial phase of the project is set to commence in 2017.

The Government wishes to thank Prince Henry of Wales for being part of this ceremony, considering the impact this project will have on boosting economic activity in the south of the island and Saint Lucia as a whole.

The Government takes the opportunity to invite all Saint Lucians to come to the site situated on the St Jude Highway, along the George Odlum Stadium, to witness the historic proceedings, at 3:00pm on Friday.


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  1. St Judes highway is on the other side of Vieux Fort the road leading to the original hospital site. The road you are referring to is Beausejour road. smh.


  2. Where exactly is the St. Judes highway, the George Odlum stadium is not the St. Judes hospital, the hospital was placed there temporarily but has outlived it's time there because of the snails pace of which the new hospital is being built. (talk about cost overrun).

    It's not by might nor by power but by my spirit say the Lord of host....KJV


    • The time it took you to type the question you could have found out yourself....

      "Harry's full title is His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Wales, but he is familiarly known as Prince Harry. He uses the name of the geographical area over which his father holds title—"Wales"—as a territorial suffix in lieu of a surname."


  3. Oh Le Paradis! Le Paradis! If it gets off the ground way beyond sod-turning, a polo playing ground would be a much-needed and fitting enhancement. That should be part and parcel of any such development.

    But please liaise with Sir Richard Branson first. Why?

    We need to upgrade the HIA to accommodate his new supersonic aircraft that will replace CONCORDE flights. Saint Lucia aim HIGH!

    Make the necessary concessions and incorporate planned adjustments very quickly. We have to be in it to win it. Aim for quality of visitors and NOT as in the past, just look at tourist arrival figures as the measure of success. Go upscale too!

    Only then, and only then, can we EVER harbour any expectation to overtake the competition, and become the NUMBER ONE TOURIST DESTINATION IN THE ENTIRE REGION!


    • It's time that Saint Lucians very aggressively exploit and experience the benefits of branding the country as a very essential part of our marketing expenditures and focus on tourism for a welcome change. Bravo! Some among us are coming round to see the light.


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