Government of Saint Lucia commended for promoting green economy

Government of Saint Lucia commended for promoting green economy
Dr. Fletcher
Dr. Fletcher

Against the backdrop of the second annual CARICOM Energy Awareness Week, Saint Lucia’s  Minister for Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology, Senator the Honourable James Fletcher, is applauding  the strides made by government to promote a green economy.

Minister Fletcher says Saint Lucia has subscribed to the thrust of sustainable energy powering a green economy.

“The government of Saint Lucia has committed itself to two very ambitious, but we believe reachable targets. What we have said is that by the year 2020,  20 percent of our energy must come from renewable sources.  And also by the year 2020, we are aiming for a 20 percent reduction in the use of energy in the public sector by of course converting to renewable energy sources.”

Minister Fletcher said Saint Lucia signed onto these commitments at the Barbados Declaration on Sustainable Energy for all, which he attended earlier this year.

“So it’s extremely important for us that initiatives such as this put us on the path towards achieving such objectives. I am happy that we have taken some steps- albeit small ones – moving in the direction of the first 20 by 2020, that is, having 20 percent of our energy production coming from renewable sources.   As a result of collaboration with LUCELEC and the seven grid-tied photovoltaic systems we now have operating, we can very proudly boast that our energy sector is no longer 100 percent fossil fuel based.”

The minister says small strides are being taken, however government’s intention is to accelerate initiatives at pursuing renewable energy sources in collaboration with the local power company, LUCELEC.

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