Government of Saint Lucia calls on diaspora

Government of Saint Lucia calls on diaspora
Saint Lucia diaspora, Florida

By Saint Lucia Diaspora Affairs Unit
(PRESS RELEASE) — In keeping with its policy of inclusion, the Government of Saint Lucia has been strengthening its relationship with Saint Lucians in the diaspora, to greater support and facilitate their contributions toward national development via investment, skills transfer, trade, tourism and other goodwill initiatives.

The Saint Lucian diaspora has always played an important and integral role in the development of Fair Helen—its contribution to Saint Lucia is priceless.

As Saint Lucia adapts to life with COVID-19, the government is further increasing outreach to Saint Lucians in the diaspora who are desirous of contributing to the development of the country. This is an opportunity for the diaspora to be part of the recovery of Saint Lucia post-COVID-19. You have the experience, knowledge, and skills. We want to hear your thoughts and ideas as to how we move forward as a country, with your help.

The Saint Lucia Diaspora Affairs Unit headed by Ambassador Her Excellency Jocelyne Fletcher is ready and willing to provide the required assistance to help you contribute to Saint Lucia’s recovery and development.

Saint Lucia’s Ambassador for Diaspora Affairs, Dr. Jocelyne Clarke-Fletcher

To find out how you can participate in the development of Saint Lucia, contact Dr. Jocelyne Clarke-Fletcher, Ambassador for Diaspora Affairs @[email protected]

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