Government of Canada makes visa application easier

Government of Canada makes visa application easier

The Government of Canada today announced the opening of a new visa application centre (VAC) in Port of Spain to make the process of applying  for a visa to enter Canada easier and more convenient.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is expanding its VAC network around the world to provide valuable administrative support to applicants before, during and after their temporary resident application is assessed by a CIC immigration officer.

VAC service agents are available by phone, email or in person to answer questions in local languages and to make sure that applications are complete. This helps avoid unnecessary delays or refusals due to incomplete applications.

For an additional fee, VACs also offer other services, including photocopies, application photographs and self-service computer terminals for those wishing to take advantage of the new online applications.

It is important to note that VACs are not involved in the decision making process and are not authorized to provide applicants with advice about their visas.

Anyone wishing to apply for a visitor visa, study permit, work permit or permanent resident travel document is encouraged to use the new Port of Spain VAC located at:

No.4 Warner Street, Newtown, Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad

Website: / Email: [email protected] / Phone: (868)224-3098

Applications received through the VAC or online are processed on a priority basis and are typically finalized in half the amount of time of other applications.

The Government of Canada plans to create new jobs and stimulate economic growth by attracting an increasing number of visitors and international students as well as skilled temporary foreign workers and immigrants that best respond to current and future labour market needs. For this reason, CIC strives to issue visas and permits as quickly as possible to facilitate travel to Canada.

For more information about the services that can be provided by a VAC, visit


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  1. Who do I address the bank fererence letter to I am trying to apply for a Canadian visa


  2. It's about time the Canadian government impose visas on St. Lucians. As a Canadian I am fed up of paying taxes to support Lucians who come here and claim false refugee status, then mooch off my tax dollars because they have no ambitions to work. Fault lies in the St. Lucian government who is not doing enough to encourage young people opportunities in Lucia. Let's be honest, Lucians regugees?? I was in St. Lucia last month, I see no signs of war, no one living in refugee camps. I do see a government that is not taking care of its citizens and as a result they are looking elsewhere for opportunities. How do you think a person can afford to go to Trinidad to apply for a visa then find the air fare to travel? I guess some people are finding the money. I am all for immigration but don't come to Canada and become a liability become an assest. It just makes it harder for those who want to travel and work and build a future.


    • Shut the hell up you stupid Lucian wanna be Canadian. you speak like a Lucian. you're just another refugee. why were you in St.Lucia but salty about Lucian coming here. you are probably a liability collecting welfare. how much tax you contribute? $500 a year? how many mouth you're feeding? The government is not complaining the foreigner is.


  3. lets not forget where we came from but lets not also forget about our future and the future of our children. sometimes what it takes is to find your bread somewhere else. so if it means travelling to another country to get a better life then by all means do that. not all of us have the opportunity to go to college or university but that doesnt mean we shoudn't live.


  4. It's not fair for St. Lucian's to seek refugee status in any country. However I think it's ridiculous to go all the way to Trinidad to get a visa to go on vacation. Things are expensive there do you really need a damn good reason to go there. I lived in NY for 13 years and Canadians constantly came there to shop-go figure! We are not that desperate Canada keep that Visa


  5. I'm all for the implementation of a visa. Too many young people leave saint lucia, falsely claim refugee status and mooch off the Canadian government with no intentions of contributing to the economy. I'm a Saint Lucian myself, I'm at university and in my field of study I encounter many situations where people are GENUINE refugees coming from a countries where genocide exists, war and famine and communism. It disgusts me to see that Lucians lie on a piece of paper to get into a country and abuse the system, when there are millions of people in other country whose lives are in danger and their refugee claims are refused. Look at the poor Syrians and what they're going through right now. And you Lucians want to come up to Canada and claim that your life is in danger?? Really?? You people are a damn embarrassment. After I'm done school I will take p,easuee in making a career out of shipping all of you undeserving FALSE REFUGEE claimants.


    • U too need to shut up TAA. U are in no position to call who is in right of refugee status here now. What do u care who's being true or not. So what they lie, is the government coming out of your fucking pockets. At the end of the day it's called SURVIVAL. Why don't when u done with your schooling you find a way in investing in your country.How about that. STUPID FUCK!!!


  6. WHAT IS THE COST OF AN AIRLINE ticket,just to travel to port of spain for the day to apply for a canadian visa,st.lucians its not greener on the otherside,you cannot over stay like before,so save your monies and stay home..they want to make it hard for young people to travel to canada,england,and america... stay right home...


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