Government now accepts debit and credit card payments

Government now accepts debit and credit card payments

Effective Wednesday, March 20, 2013 the public will be able to transact business with the Government of Saint Lucia through the use of credit and debit cards.

This announcement was made by Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony at a ceremony held on Tuesday March 19, 2013 to launch of the Point of Sale (POS) System.

The Prime Minister, who described this milestone as “another promise delivered”, thanked the Bank of Saint Lucia for partnering with the Government of Saint Lucia to transform Government’s method of collecting revenue.

“Since the announcement, government sought to procure the services of a suitable partner that was able to facilitate the introduction of the POS system. Following much evaluation and analysis, government selected the services offered by the Bank of Saint Lucia. As you may well be aware, the Bank has a symbiotic relationship with the Government and has in many instances been our partner in development. We look forward to a continued mutually beneficial relationship.” The Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister further announced that the point of sale system will be in use at the various agencies, in the first instance:

Ministry of Finance – Customs Department:

• Rodney Bay Marina
• G.F.L. Charles Baggage Hall
• Vigie Cargo Shed
• Castries Main Office
• Shed 6
• Ferry Terminal Baggage Hall

• Hewanorra Air Cargo Shed
• Hewanorra Baggage Hall
• Vieux Fort Container Park [Sea Port]
• Vieux Fort Main Office
• Soufriere Office

Ministry of Finance – Inland Revenue Department:

• Castries Main Office (Water Front)
• Vieux Fort Office
• Soufriere Office

Ministry of Finance – Accountant General:

• Castries Main Office
• Vieux Fort Sub Collectors Office
• Soufriere Sub Collectors

Ministry of Finance

• Castries Post Office

Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport

• Licensing Department

Ministry of Health

• Victoria Hospital
• Gros-Islet Polyclinic
• Soufriere Hospital

Ministry of Justice:

• Civil Status Registry
• First District Court

Attorney General Chambers:

• Registry of Companies and Intellectual Property

The Prime Minister, in his remarks, expressed the hope that this initiative will not simply lead to a more efficient way of collecting revenue, but that Government will realize an increase in collections.

The Minister for Finance extended thanks to all who have been instrumental in making this idea a reality. Dr. Anthony was filled with praise for the staff of the Ministry of Finance as well as other agencies. Dr. Anthony said,

“This is an opportune time to thank the team at the Department of Finance, which spearheaded this initiative. Understandably, the effort required for effecting this policy is far greater than the simple convenience which is ultimately enjoyed by the end user. Once again, thank you for the continued dedication.

Special thanks must also be extended to the Attorney General’s Chambers for the support lent to the Department of Finance.

I would also like to thank the civil servants who will be interfacing directly with the public and utilizing the POS system. I am aware that you have received adequate training facilitated by the bank and enthused about using the system. As always, the country relies on your diligence and proficiency in the discharge of your duties.”

The Point of Sale system was launched on Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at the conference room of the Ministry of Infrastructure.


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  1. O they didn't before?...Wow the backwards behavior of that country never seizes to amaze me I tell you.smh


  2. That is great news, its makes life or doing business with the various government department much easier. I do hope in the not too distance future, this service is extended to all other government departments all across the island which collect cash. I am also looking forward where persons can apply for birth certificates, passports etc. online without having to travel to the city.


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