Government making more progress with geothermal development in Saint Lucia

Government making more progress with geothermal development in Saint Lucia

The Government of Saint Lucia (GoSL) is continuing to make significant progress in developing the country’s geothermal potential.

This progress is encouraged by the recent receipt of grants from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and the Small Island Developing States Renewable Energy project (SIDS DOCK), facilitated by the World Bank.

The GEF and SIDS DOCK, through the World Bank, have approved US$2 Million to contribute towards the first phase of geothermal development assistance to the Government of Saint Lucia.

These funds will be used to support surface exploration, as well as transaction and negotiations assistance in order to help the Government of Saint Lucia reach a fair and equitable concession agreement with the geothermal developer.

It will facilitate agreements on off-take and integration of geothermal power within the domestic power market, for which LUCELEC currently has exclusivity.

The GEF and SIDS DOCK funds will go towards developing and issuing several key policies and associated regulations, including mainstreaming the National Utility Regulatory Commission (NURC) as the primary regulatory body for electricity generation and supply in Saint Lucia.

The finances from these grants will also be used to undertake environmental and social evaluations, as well as effective community engagements, in line with international standards.

This latter undertaking is critical, given the proximity of the areas proposed for geothermal exploration to the Piton Management Area (PMA), which is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Government of Saint Lucia has already taken steps towards securing funding support for the second, high-risk phase of Exploratory Drilling and is working closely with the World Bank, the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and other international funding sources like the Climate Investment Fund.

This second phase is estimated to cost between US$20 and US$30 million dollars.


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  1. That's y the sun is there we just slow to realize that the universe is one huge computer we just do the right calculations we do anything we want. Anything that we could ever need is there.


  2. Sometimes i wonder if those politicians go into a state of Hibernation during their tenure in office.
    Because i cannot understand why at this hour this Government is just at the “1st” phase of this, when THE COMMONWEALTH OF DOMINICA has developed theirs to the point where they are about to distribute electricity to the masses.
    What’s wrong with those PEOPLE we keep on electing on this Island?
    What is wrong with them?
    Why do we keep on FOLLOWING instead of LEADING and DEVELOPING.
    Why do we have successive governments tearing down any Good policies of the previous, and make ridiculous excuses for this?
    How comes Saint Lucian Governments keep on hijacking the development of this Nation and depriving us of basic needs?


    • If my memory serves me right, St. Lucia started the geothermal thing since in the late eighties or early nineties and something went wrong with financing and the project was stopped!!


  3. Very encouraging, however I hope that this time around we are able to follow through with the project from exploration to generation.


  4. dont go and do nothing wrong there eh next thing yall blow up soufriere or casue some earthquake they same way how there was drilling for oil along haiti side and that triggered the earthquake they had there


  5. In ten years solar is going to dominate. It will kill off the oil industry. The only thing holding it back now is battery storage, which is fast improving. mark my words.


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