Government grants extension of Vieux Fort burial ground

Government grants extension of Vieux Fort burial ground
La Tourney cemetery.
La Tourney cemetery.

The Vieux Fort Constituency Council has been granted 10 acres of land to facilitate an extension of the current burial ground.

The land is adjacent to the west of the La Tourney cemetery.

This decision was made by government during a recent Cabinet of Ministers meeting. A request was made by the council to have the land extended to facilitate more burial.

The council is now awaiting a green light from the Ministry of Planning to officially hand over the land.

This approval comes after months of debates about the need for extra space at the burial ground. Two funeral homes in Vieux Fort had also complained that the space is too limited.

Mayor of Vieux Fort Winall Joshua was quoted in the media as saying: “The availability of additional space for the cemetery has helped to remove some pressure caused by the limited space.”

The council has said it is now able to modify its recent arrangements regarding the burial of persons.

Reports are that each week, two dead persons from outside of Vieux Fort North and Vieux Fort South constituencies will be allowed to be buried at the La Tourney cemetery, from each of the parlours.

The council had suggested restricting burial of persons from other parts of the south of the island, but residents of those communities were not pleased with this arrangement.

Now that the extra land has been provided, the funeral homes, as well as persons in the community, are satisfied.


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  1. It's the Ebola why can't they go the the country side to do that. It's like they want the cemetery where everyone is. There's enough land here for these purposes


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