Government gives update on weather condition

Government gives update on weather condition

PRESS RELEASE – The Ministry of Infrastructure response teams have been mobilized and are attending to some areas as we speak. Updates continue to poor in from communities across the island.

The diversion near the ALBA bridge in Grande Riviere, Dennery is under water and has brought traffic to a halt. There is no debris in that area and the advise from the technicians is that we wait till the water subsides.

An electricity pole also halted traffic through the Barre d’isle. LUCELEC is on the scene. There is also a team from the Ministry of Infrastructure attended to a tree which may have been a potential threat.

The Minister for Infrastructure has advised that a response team has been deployed to deal with the debris at Choc.

The disaster response team has been mobilized for Anse La Raye, although there is no flooding in this community as we speak. Whereas there is no flooding in Bexon/Marc, the Ministry of Infrastructure in standing by with a fully mobilized team, if the need arises.

Reports of flooding in Castries and other pocket communities have been received.

The Government continues to monitor the situation and encourages all to report any concerns or damage in their area.

The 12:00pm weather report stated that an improvement in weather conditions is expected later today but has advised those in flood and landslide prone areas to remain vigilant. Please adhere to the caution against sea bathing in the weather report.


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  1. I was waiting to hear the weather on the radio this afternoon only music am hearing over the radio smh all station


  2. I am grateful for the news.....a few spelling errors I can live gosh we have a situation on our hands and we choose to fuss over two mispelt words.....


  3. I would want to believe that even in these flood conditions that 'spell check' still works. I note 'poor' instead of 'pour' and 'advise' instead of 'advice'. Painful to the eyes indeed.


  4. Nothing we can do about the rain or mother nature. But we can most certainly heed those warnings and stay indoors until it's safe to do so.


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