Government formulates food production plan

Government formulates food production plan

GIS – The Ministry of Agriculture has formulated a food production plan aimed to enhance the country’s food security.

Minister with responsibility for Agriculture and Food Production, Hon. Moses Jn. Baptiste, said increased food production is a high priority item for government.

“We have developed a food production plan which targets the production of certain commodities and we have selected about 10 commodities which we will target for increased production,” Minister Jn. Baptiste explained.

One of those commodities is cassava flour.

“We intend to develop the cassava value chain. Right now we have officials from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Saint Lucia who are working with bakery owners to determine how cassava flour can be integrated into bread making.”

Another initiative is the enhancement of the livestock subsector.

“We have been approved for funding from the IPSA group out of the United Nations and we will refurbish some of the facilities at the Beausejour Agricultural Station,” he said. “This project will happen this year.

“We will continue our work with coffee and will support the few coffee farmers who are still in production. We intend to lend assistance in terms of the propagation and the distribution of coffee.”

Other initiatives include procurement of disease-free coconut seedlings from the Government of Mexico, enhancement of the school feeding program and strengthening the cooperatives.


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  1. We cant wait for the government to do everything for us . If you see a product that needs to be produced and there is a market ,take it up .


  2. You can if you wantske that one your little project. Don't depend on the state to do everything for you Kill Bill.


  3. That's a good start but we also have other commodities. Guess it will come later, one day at a time


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