Government continues to perform poorly – UWP

Government continues to perform poorly – UWP


The opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has criticised the government over its “poor performance” over the past four years and said that there is no tangible evidence of success.

During a press conference held on Tuesday (Dec.1) Leader of the Opposition Dr. Gale Rigobert said that the middle class is fast disappearing or has near disappeared over the past four years.

She said this is as a result of significant drop in their disposable income and a dramatic weakening of their purchasing power, a statement that has also been popular in the ongoing US presidential debates.

The opposition leader also accused the government of failing Saint Lucians by not being able to provide proper health care services and address the unemployment levels.

Dr. Rigobert reiterated also that small business owners have been forced to close their doors and send their employees home, because of the government’s handling of the economy.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the UWP Guy Mayers also upbraided the government over what he described as its “dismal performance” over the last four years in office.

Mayers, a former National Security Minister, said under the current administration there have been several scandals which remains unsolved, negative economic growth and a host of other pertinent issues still to be addressed.

The UWP said it plans to continue to speak out on a number of key issues affecting the country in a series of meetings and conference to be held over the next couple of days.


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  1. After the dire state in which the UWP left the country, (which is why it was unceremoniously thrown out of office) Don't you think it will take a while to turn the economy around to positive growth? At least that is begining to happen as shown by the recent IMF report. I think this is enough grounds for the present government to be given the chance to continue the work they started.


    • How long will people keep chanting that UWP left the country in a dire state or the corruption of the last government is what placed us in this state?
      I have even heard some SLP hacks say Kenny did not know that UWP left things in such a bad state that is why he made those promises. smh.
      Yes there are things performed by the previous administration that were questionable and they should be held accountable if proven wrong. Why not acknowledge also that the UWP operated in the beginning of the worse economic times to hit the world and on top of that faced Hurricane Tomas again all the while being a third world country.
      You think Kenny did not know that some things were beyond UWP? Even the mighty US fell during these times. But instead political tactics were in full force during his days in the opposition promising things he probably knew he could not accomplish. But he would make them because that's the game of politics. And foolishly some hacks do not see that.
      So what tactics the SLP government and their hacks now employ ? By continuously using the same old , stale things over and over and over again like nagging wives (sorry women) in the hopes to hide their inabilities to deliver.
      Rehashing the same thing over and over again does not put food on the table. Some of us are tired of hearing it. Give whoever the support to bring the previous administration to justice.

      Gosh move on already. We have a country to save.


    • After the dire straits in which the SLP left the economy before that, the clueless economic cretins went on a spending and borrowing spree. Fools rush in where wisemen fear to tread.
      The recent forecast on a pretty loaded statement about future debt financing crowding out future developmental spending, the SLP's morons sent a congratulatory message on a mere projection. Saint Lucians are that dumb?


  2. I want to go to America with out a visa so i will vote UWP an if they doh deliver d party go b dun forever i also know d day lucians can go to America without a visa their eh go b no more lucians in SLU so no JAB UH SAC ever win an election


  3. It is the economy stupid, and not the usual country-bookie vile, disgusting attacks like those all around the country burying their sorrows in our blessed churchy rum shops. Those on the market steps the other day sounded lke those above, as if Piton beers were the ones doing all the talking. Pure idle, stupid, useless, jackass shoot-shating from head to toe. And they call that better days, you know. What is happening all around the country with business closures, business failures, abroad with passports on sale to the highest bidders unsavory characters especially welcomed, murders, suicides, choppings, unemployment and STEP are all the SLP's MEGA grandiose idea of better days.


  4. Yes we know that the UWP has underperformed.
    Yes we know about Rochamel , Grynsburg, the political machinations and waste of money by Kenny.

    Unfortunately the UWP are offering worst. A leader who has no ideas or those not well thought out. A divisive personality who should never be near government unless as a Minister being supervised by a sensible PM.
    Chastanet is clueless and disliked by the voting public.

    So stop complaining about the SLP if that is the best you can offer us.


    • These labour party hacks are a special breed. Just look at their Facebook page SLAPS . Rabidly frothing at the mouth in reverence to their dear leader the messiah Kenny. These indoctrinated idiots would do well in a Manson cult or idolising Mugabe or Kim Jong Un. For them the sun seems to shine from only one place and it's pretty smelly down there. As for miss spaced tooth, you have lost all semblance of credibility and are just an annoyance and eye candy for the rotting legions of living red.


      • On point! But the SLAP page was noticeably silent on the Juffali issue. No one came out guns blazing in defence of the Prime Minister in waiting Ernest Hilaire or even in defence of their massa Ooops sorry messiah Kenny Devil Anthony. Their silence clearly showed their displeasure and their acknowledgement that even they would not defend the indefensible. Even the loud mouth combative space toothed health care freeloader Madame press secretary was speechless . The greatest threat to democracy is hackassness


        • They were not really silent. It was noted that even when some strong SLP supporters questioned this whole Jufffali appointment they were attacked by their own Labour hacks. I think the SLP supporters that were against it were silent. But the hacks were in full force. I just wonder if it was a UWP appointment what would have been SLP hacks' position.
          I so agree with your last sentence " The greatest threat to democracy is hackassness." I shudder to think that hacks on all sides have the ability to vote. Let us hope that in coming years their numbers would dwindle as this is a clear threat to the survival of any democratic nation.


    • I don't have a political party but i keep hearing Chastnet is bad , he does not have a clue to what he is doing but it seems that the SLP members are petrified of him, my thing is call the election let us see what happens.
      I am noticing a pattern with this government when richard frederick(RF) issue was around the last election made it sound like RF should taken to the square and shot in his head. We then realized it was much to do about nothing. The IMPAAC report had the populus ready to beat and tarnish the police force. A good man was sent retirement which we will come back to bite us in our ass. Another name we should not forget Moses Charles. We don't even know if America really cares how we run our security forces. Our present leader and compton daughter should shared some light because i remember they were ones allegdely reporting to US embassy after and during ORC. The saddest part of all is that we have an opposition that we don't even know what they fighting about now. Who representing vendor who struggling to send 3 of her 4 children to school and feed them. I am sorry i don't even trust anything coming out of elected leaders mouth anymore. Lets not forget our dearest Governor General (GG), i saw some fire from her just before that UN report was released on abuse of women and child, and like everything else was swept under the rug by the following day. If there is anyone who can take a stand to those politicians was our GG, it look like we have now assume the position and they have began to give to us with no lubrication............. So Merry Christmas St. Lucia and remember if your bum bum hole starts to burn you over the holidays just remember( UWP infighting , the GG hats as she hides away, Juffali, the other Joker representing us that we gave the highest honor , Kenny & Co., our very fast justice system, pray for DPP as she gives us the finger as she retires, our police trying to apprehend criminals with no bullets, let's not forget the new education that our young men and women are receiving on remand listening to our older and well seasoned criminals at our lovely Bordelais facility; it is very far from a correctional facility; whom are eager to come out and will share their new teachings with us) one more thing to the company that has been getting all those contracts and accumulating millions , in the grand scheme when the poverty numbers increase , hope you can secure yourself from those who don't have and from those who had and no longer have , good luck my Indian friend.............


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