Government continues to improve the lives of Conway residents

Government continues to improve the lives of Conway residents

Tuesday, September 11, 2012 – The Conway Demolition Project continued on Monday September 10th, 2012 with the demolition of twelve houses in the inner city community.

The Conway residents have been relocated to new homes at Fond Manger.

Saint Lucia’s Minister for Physical Development, Housing and Urban Renewal Honourable Stanley Felix says the relocated residents have been given the opportunity to live and raise their families in a more conducive environment.

“The residents are very pleased with the Fond Manger area and they have expressed that, they recognise the opportunity for growth and to be more productive citizens.   They also recognise the benefits that can be derived from the move and we at the Ministry are also very excited for them.   We are also very excited about the prospects of renewing this Conway area, this is urban Castries and part of our mandate is to develop a very viable urban renewal programme so we see the demolition exercise as a step in the right direction”.

The Conway Demolition Project also creates job opportunities for the unemployed in the Conway community. Minister Felix says the exercise is also a means of keeping the residents positively engaged.

“What we do essentially is contract the work to a contractor and we stimulate that all the labour should come from the area.   So all the people engaged in the demolition are from the Conway area and it is an opportunity to create some short term employment for them and it is something that they look forward to and are very happy about it”.

Plans for the relocation and upgrade of the Conway community were born in the aftermath of a fire which gutted through the community in June 2004.


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