Government considering use of dogs to guard institutions after VH attack

Government considering use of dogs to guard institutions after VH attack

dogsCARIBBEAN360 – St Lucian authorities could be turning to man’s best friend to enhance security at the island’s schools and other institutions.

According to National Security Minister Hermangild Francis, the use of guard dogs is under consideration.

He was speaking to reporters on the heels of an alarming attack at the island’s Victoria hospital on Saturday, when a visitor entered the facility with a machete concealed under his clothing to attack a patient.

The perpetrator’s attempt was foiled, however, after the patient fled to a security area.

Guards managed to disarm the man and he was subsequently arrested by police.



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  1. It look like we have all the answers, have the criminals guard the institution. At the end of the day if something happen we already have the criminal.


  2. With dogs one way and horses the other way , St. Lucia will come like George Orwell's "Animal Farm". The scenario will be complete when we consider some of our current crop of leaders. A good time to read Animal Farm again.


  3. WOw! Horse race track to boost the economy! Now dogs to boost security! Now what's going on here?


  4. like the other person said dogs will not solve those issues. they need to hire more security guards/officers, retrained them and give them weapons.


  5. i think they should reconsider the guard dog idea. in my opinion it makes no sense. most of these dogs are trained to detect drugs or to attack " suspects" ... are these dogs trained to detect knives, cutlasses etc??? .. if they want to consider some other form of security measures, they first need to have proper fencing of the entire property ( VH) because currently I'm pretty sure someone can enter the hospital without coming through the main gate if they choose. notwithstanding i also think that they should have metal detectors installed just as on airports and other immigration areas. and then deal with them accordingly.

    im not saying to get rid of the dog altogether, but these dogs can be there in addition to other forms of security measures in the event those found with such weapons and may at point of entry want to attack anyone , then u can release the dogs on them.. however make sure these dogs are properly trained because taking in consideration children or younger folks or any other person rather may act in a particular way which may seem normal; but the dog may take this as wrong signal and may want to attack.

    the metal detector whether stationery or hand held should be at all schools and other institutions

    but to have the dog alone ......rethink this


  6. It's sad really when the authorities have more confidence in animals protecting an area over the police. Really sad.


  7. With all the stay dogs roaming the island, some of them can be put into use with some very good training to help protect some of these institutions.


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