Gov’t confirms UK request for waiver of Juffali’s diplomatic immunity

Gov’t confirms UK request for waiver of Juffali’s diplomatic immunity
Dr. Juffali
Dr. Juffali
Dr. Juffali

PRESS RELEASE – The Government of Saint Lucia confirms that it has received a request from Mr. Julian Evans of the Protocol Directorate of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to grant a waiver of the diplomatic immunity of Dr. Walid Ahmed Juffali, the Saint Lucian Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organisation in the United Kingdom, to answer a claim for additional financial relief in the High Court in London from his ex-wife, whom he had divorced in Saudi Arabia.

The Protocol Directorate says that the request was made after it received correspondence from the legal firm representing the ex-wife of Dr. Juffali, Hughes Fowler Carruthers.

The Office of the Prime Minister first became aware of the request in two articles published in two British Newspapers on December 27, 2015, The Mail On Sunday and the Telegraph.

The Government of Saint Lucia has always stated that it would not respond to requests from private lawyers to lift the immunity of Dr. Juffali or any of its diplomats as such requests can only come from the receiving state where the diplomat is based. To do otherwise would be to expose our diplomats, wherever they are assigned, to the whims of private lawyers.

However, matters of this nature are governed by the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, 1961. Both Saint Lucia and the Government of the United Kingdom are signatories to the Convention, and are bound by its provisions, procedures and conventions.

Saint Lucia enjoys close political and diplomatic ties with the United Kingdom and will, therefore, follow the well established diplomatic channels to address this matter while protecting its integrity as a sovereign state.



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  1. They said not to politicize this matter; but isn't this matter itself the
    heart of politics, international politics? they told the people of soufriere
    not to vote for this Chastanet because he is not one of us because he
    cannot speak creole. Kenny himself said, the next election is not only
    between Labour and UWP, but against Kenny himself and Chastanet.
    Well go and tell the people of Soufriere that Chastanet still cannot speak


  2. My Dear St. Lucians are we all seeing how our "great leaders" have chose to handle this manner in what has become their modus operandi: INSOLENCE, DEFIANCE AND NONCHALANCE SHROUDED BY HAUGHTY ARROGANCE. Kenny Anthony threw our entire nation under the bus and put us in poor standing with the US after the police led "operation restore confidence" which was indeed necessary at the time. Kenny is a hypocrite of great magnitude.

    You speak on the vienna convention as if to suggest you have some how not acted in ways which go against the very principles of said organization! You have the balls to write this piss poor statement as if we are supposed to "drink it" and say "kenny is boss he know what he doing".

    Lucians pay close attention! We shall soon become laughing stocks in the world arena! Was there some monetary compensation in exchange for his position as a diplomat?????? It is the only thing we are left to assume.

    There is no other reason for your steadfast support and refusal to remove this man from the position he is in because he has simply not attended the meetings! so please tell us what exactly is the reason for not waiving his immunity?

    One would not be wrong in assuming that you guys are trying to hide something. After all, why risk our country's good standing with the worlds super powers to keep one lackadaisical diplomat who shows no interest in his position in office???

    And we are supposed to trust you guys with citizenship for investment??? St. Lucia will become like the bahamas. white collar criminal haven.


  3. Lord have mercy on this little country. These idiots have the sheer audacity to put up such a statement.... Which verily defies the recommendation made by the protocol official and will dare speak on Vienna law? K shut it! You have the GALL to speak on Vienna the same man who is currently breaking such law in an effort to keep their clandestine activities under lock and key?


  4. Boy Kenny I think just committed political suicide...... It was a great run, LMAO, who am I kidding boy it was a matter of time before you shoot yourself in the foot. I hope you take a private jet to TT and stay there and never show your smug face on St Lucian soil again.


  5. At the end i hope you all so called intelligent people do not look like fools. For sure all the facts are not known to us to make informed decisions.Stop blowing hot air.


  6. The reality is that the UK Government was not amused by a Saudi Billionaire buying diplomatic immunity from an alleged corrupt government in a small poor nation to evade the law in the UK. This attempt to make a mockery of due process in the UK has now backfired.

    We can only hope that the UK Government does not act against the nation as a whole but selects those responsible and their cohorts.

    The press secretary, the head of their propaganda radio station and their other propagandist CH are very good candidates for travel restrictions. The rabid cult on SLAP on Facebook are already openly cursing the British Government and calling the FCO incompetent.

    One is even suggesting that Earl, of Grynberg and Helenites fame, will deal with the British and put them in their place.

    The British have probably protected us from something very nasty and for that we must be thankful. It is time that US acts on the prevarication and politicking of the Government on the IMPACS fiasco and follows the UK with a serious statement.


    • Well said! What these SLAP fools do not realise is that when they openly express this kind of behaviour on social media it has far reaching effects. It appears that KDA who is also an active member of the group has not even intervened to STOP this type of behaviour and as such this suggests that he endorses and supports them. They feel emboldened because of the support they receive in making their ill advised allegations. THE SLP mouthpiece needs to learn to step up and set the example. For a group that is supposedly aiming for progress, we are certainly in regression there. When will we learn that we cannot bring our small island petty politics, corruption and nepotism to the big stage and expect them to bend to us? How can we allegdely accept payment from a man for diplomacy so that he can make a mockery of the British and not expect them to take us to task for it. Grow up and stop making us look like we are so hungry that we are willing to sell our small island for peanuts, to a man who already shows that he DOES NOT CARE about US! JUFFALI is only using US!


    • You need a history lesson and not from a college or social media but major Libraries, Research centers and predominantly old folks who have lived in the UK. "The British have probably protected us" what a sick joke!! The British are more racist than the American, they are just better at hiding it.


  7. I am saddened at the level of anger, hostility and antipathy being displayed in this forum on this subject. Most of the comments are laced with pure partisan political dogma and prejudice. I fail to see the correlation between some of the guff that is being discussed in here and the actual subject. This is about someone's diplomatic status and whether that person should carry on serving this country as a diplomat at the International Maritime Organization. Instead of writing about the issue and how it can best be addressed you have folks expressing grossly offensive statements which isn't getting us anywhere.

    No Politician is infallible otherwise, they would not be politicians. Everyone is capable of making mistakes. We have all been there before. Most countries in the world are happy to offer economic citizenship to foreigners with money. The British have done it and are continuing to do it. If you can invest £1million in Britain, you will be given citizenship. There are endless dodgy Russian oligarchs seeking refuge in the UK and taking advantage of their economic citizenship programme which started by the current conservative government.Most of these chancers are morally depraved and rotten to the core and are fleeing from the former Soviet Union and thus settling in an equally venal country -The United Kingdom.

    These men with money have been involved in all sorts of skullduggery and immorality. They are men of ill repute and very few members of the British press have scornfully criticised them or investigated the origins of their wealth. The Tory government will go to great lengths to protect these questionable characters and the billions they siphoned out of Russia into the UK's coffers. They are happy to have these morally perverse folks living in the UK. The British have no conscience when it comes to money. There are lots of other venal men and women living in the UK. They have been offered refuge and told to keep a low profile. The pretentiously arrogant and overbearing Brits are looking after their financial interests and so we In St Lucia.

    The UK establishment is imperious, domineering and dictatorial. They like to boss others around, especially black African and Caribbean countries. They see us black people as inferior and should, therefore, be subject to their authority and control. They have not come to the realization that they no longer have an empire. They are still asleep. That is why I like Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe. Mugabe took control of the lands that belongs to the indigenous Zimbabwean people and the meddling British did not like this one bit. They called him all the names one could think of in the fog of England just because he dared to stand up to them. He rightly told them where to go and how to get there. When that white dictator Ian Smith was in power he did far more cruel things to the Zimbabwean people and the Hypocritical British gave him all the support they could muster. Thye did not care about the suffering of our poor African cousins. They never do care about black people.

    The British never cease to amaze me with their hypocrisy and double standards. It's one law for them and another law for us non-whites.They lecture others about morality yet they are immoral themselves. It's clearly a case of do as I say but don't do as I do. I refuse to take lectures from these dissemblers and beguilers. They have absolutely no right to boss the government of St Lucia around. If anyone has that right then it's the people of St Lucia. They are the ones who put them in power and it is to them the labour government owes it's allegiance- Not the British and the FCO which is opened to bribery and characterised by corrupt dealings. They are having a go at us simply because they feel that St Lucia is weak and vulnerable. They are exploring that loophole hoping that Helen will give in to them. That is where we need strong leadership and the urge to give back as much as we get. Our government should not hold back. Let us play the British and beat them at their own game. It's about time someone in the Caribbean stands up to these old colonials in Whitehall and Westminster.

    There are many diplomatic missions committing endless infractions and deliberately flouting the laws and nothing is done about it. The US owes the UK treasury millions in parking and other fines and refuses to pay up. The Arabs refuse to pay their parking fines also. The unscrupulous Whitehall mandarin who dispatched the scurrilous drivel to our High Commission in London should be sent packing by the acting High Commissioner Mr. Fregis.He needs to let this contumelious little wannabee know that the High Commission with the help of the government of St Lucia can do as it pleases. St Lucia is a sovereign state and is quite capable of governing itself. No one can tell us what to do but us. If this was the other way round and the shoe was on the other foot the insolent and impertinent Brits would not give our government the time nor the day to listen to our grievances. The British DO NOT like to be lectured by no one. They have forgotten the great contributions our soldiers made to their country. Together with Africans and Black Americans, Caribbean soldiers fought to defend Britain. Yet instead of being thankful the British were anything but grateful to us for coming to their rescue. They wanted our black soldiers out of the country immediately after the war. Had it not been for the bravery and courage of our black soldiers the British would have been taken over by Germany and be speaking German today. Oh yes, they would be.I would most probably be writing this piece in German.

    The government is right in refusing to deal with a bunch of opportunistic and irreverent lawyers. These vultures will go to any lengths to tear anything apart which brings in the bacon. They do not give a damn about morality and fair play. It is open season for them and they will stop at nothing.This is a civil matter and there are ways to deal with this without having to drag and besmirch St Lucia's good name through the mud. The esurient, impudent and selfish ex-wife with her voracious and insatiable appetite for wealth and glamour needs to get a grip. Why don't she take her case to a Saudi court? I guess she won't as she will not get a nice little earner to settle down with. She wants to live the lavish lifestyle and will go to great lengths to achieve this even if it means tarnishing a country's reputation. She does not care about St Lucia. All she wants is Juffali's alimony and nothing else.

    I did not support the appointment of Juffali as St Lucia's ambassador to the International Maritime Organization. If he is using his diplomatic status to avoid civil action in the UK courts then this is not right. He should not use the cloak of diplomatic immunity for his own personal gain.

    Prime minister Kenny Anthony is an honourable man. He is a man of probity and is highly skilled. If anyone can diffuse and bring this episode to a halt before it turns ugly then he is the one to do so. He is very competent and capable. He is a man of the people and oozes charisma. He possesses endless magnetism and charm. He inspires great enthusiasm and devotion. He is also a talented lawyer and a great leader. He can take on the British and beat them at their own game. With Dr, Anthony's leadership, this will blow over soon. This storm in a teacup will soon dissipate from our shores. After January 8 it will be business as usual. I am optimistic that things will return back to normality with the British.
    Big Up To our Prime minister He is doing a fantastic job running the country.
    Big Up To St Lucia The Land I love and the land of my Beautiful Mother who comes from the Western part of this splendid isle.

    Malcolm L'Overture
    Haitian- Lucian
    Berlin Germany


    • You need to get your backside off this page. Fraud. Haitian Lucian my ass. Party hack or govt official astro turfing the comments.


    • The piitical division and the political comments u read are as a result of Kenny's type of politics the them versus us political war he started in 1997. If u don't worship Kenny u can't eat . he started it. Simple.


    • Malcolm, You are right when you said that the UK will grant citizenship when someone invests one million pounds. My question is why is, What is it that Juffali invested to be granted citizenship? If he has invested, what is it? Why is the government not coming out with these issues. by the way you will always see Kenny as a hero because you do not live in St. Lucia and feel our pains and struggles.

      My final question is : If someone creates a dilemma and then finds an answer to it does that make the person a hero? If you say yes then I will say that you write intelligently but think like an ass.


  8. Where are the SLP sukers on SLaP who wanted to call everyone who opposed that deal a liar. Where are they now, time to call out the idiots who go to bat for the SLP without having any credibility or a helmet. Sort parka hont??


    • haha! all of them need a SLAP right now. St Lucian A.. Politicking! High on the red koolaid and stuffed with free Christmas hams.

      They will still find a way to blame the UWP for this because their God KDA has them so mesmerized they can't see the light.


  9. Did I hear IMPEACHMENT?
    This all started with the disgraced Denzil Douglas two years ago
    lecturing to the SLP over here, on what a great thing he started
    in St.Kitts Nevis and how he had benefited greatly by it. Impeachment
    is not only for this shameful act, but also for a long list of deceitful
    acts and we all know of them. It's time the Tax payers stop paying
    for this man's problems. Have him exiled to Cuba, Venezuela or China.


  10. The polls show the SLP with 13 seats and the UWP with 4 in the next electiins.
    Why bother to spend millions on elections just give Kenny the PM seat and save the money.
    Chastanet is becoming tiresome and boring!


  11. St Lucians really do not care. Once the SLP win in May then all of this noise will be abandoned by the UWP.
    Explain to me again why anyone should or will vote for this dysfunctional UWP with no plans no leader and no candidates worth voting for!


  12. All i get from this whole pappy-show is that Earnest Hilaire's political Career has been brought to an abrupt end, Casualty no.1 in the Juffali Scandal. Seems as though Mary Issac gets her" get out of jail free " card and she can now pass GO.



  13. I am not even interested in this man's divorce proceedings and the FCO involvement. I am not interested in whether the FCO can ask us to waive this man's immunity. What I am interested in is whether this man USED us to save his ass. What I am interested in is WHY was this appointment not announced to the people when it happened. What I am I interested in is how much did he PAY FOR THIS IMMUNITY which he is now using to mock the British! KDA and EH know all the answers to the questions being asked and WE the electorate NEED answers. Why the secrecy behind this appointment in the first place. Why is it that even the members of Kennys government knew nothing about this appointment. Why is there a hesitation to come clean of any financial benefits received from this man or lack of disclosure of financial documents from the parties concerned? I believe that the British believe that money changed hands in order for this man to gain immunity and that is why are hot on this case. And that my friend is the crime that he is most likely guilty of. Buying immunity! And if that is the case, it will come out when his finances are scrutinised in these proceedings and I pray that our government are not part and parcel of any indiscretions and won't be found to have facilitated this corruption! If so KDA needs to GO and EH should never be allowed near any position of trust in this country EVER!


  14. Oh how we need to be so careful when we weave the first web of deceipt...

    You are now entangled in your own web of deception Kenny EH and jufalli


  15. Divorce proceedings started since 2012. Just proves my point more that we don't like to read and do research