Government commended on ICT project

Government commended on ICT project

The Government has been commended on its implementation of a schools ICT integration project.

The project is an integral component of the drive to provide education enhancement through Information, Communication and Technology (ICT).

The main objective is to seek to improve the learning and teaching processes in rural schools.

Principal of the Piaye Combined School, Sharon Mc Donald, is placing great confidence in such a programme as she believes students of Saint Lucia are now being exposed to a lot more information that can enhance their education and their outlook on the world.

“The teachers are exposed to so much more in terms of resources. They are able to share, they are able to make contact with other persons. There is real time learning, in time learning, and this is just wonderful and I am hoping that through ICT integration at our schools, every child can experience success,” she said.

Dubbed the ‘Education Enhancement through ICT Programme’, there is expected to be several benefits for schools. Among these are the supply of equipment to libraries and the Boys Training Centre; procurement of a mobile computer classroom; construction of ICT spaces at select schools; procurement of hardware and software for 25 schools; and training for primary school teachers and principals.


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