Government breaks ground on new Vigie Beach vending facility

Government breaks ground on new Vigie Beach vending facility

GIS – A Vigie Beach vending facility that is expected to enhance the ambiance of the beach, and provide infrastructure and ancillary facilities to vendors and patrons, will soon be a reality.

The facility will consist of a timber frame deck to accommodate six vending shops, a central eating area, and washrooms. A safety barrier along the main road will also be built to protect pedestrians from on-coming traffic and to allow free access to the beach.

The sod turning ceremony for the Taiwanese-funded project took place on July 29.

Minister for Physical Development, Housing and Urban Renewal, Sen. Hon. Stanley Felix said the project is the continuation of an initiative first conceived under the former administration.

“It is a clear indication that successive governments can indeed continue work that was started by the other. We found this idea fitting, and decided to continue with its implementation,” Sen. Felix said.

The Ministry of Physical Development has worked closely with the National Conservation Authority (NCA) and the Development Control Authority (DCA) to ensure that the project meets all the requirements for its construction.

Augustin Poyotte, Chief Architect, said the department has been careful to take into account the environment in which the facility is being built.

“We’ve had discussions with the Department of Fisheries about the turtles nesting at the beach, so as not to disturb their environment. We also will not be cutting any trees. We are working

within the environment so that we create a healthy balance,” Mr. Poyotte said.

Vendors who already have stalls on the beach will be given priority for rental of the vending shops.

Ambassador His Excellency James Chang said his government has allocated one million dollars for the project.


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  1. I don't think the type of material used matters. Places in Jamaica have huge fixtures on the beach with sand flooring and they are generating business. Good idea.


  2. Fantastic news great for the locals great for tourists coming in on small island hop flights Vigie needs a clean up hope it starts soon see you all there


  3. SMH.
    Look carefully at this image and tell me what is really wrong with this.

    Someone just decided to build some plywood houses and never gave a damn to making the surroundings attractive.

    Where are we going?


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