Government asked to “come clean”

Government asked to “come clean”
Dr. Juffali
Dr. Juffali
Dr. Juffali

On Tuesday, Nov. 24, 2015, United Workers Party (UWP) Leader Allen Chastanet published his weekly address in a video/audio format, which was then transcribed by St. Lucia News Online. See full text below.

Fellow St. Lucians, what do we know about the Labour Party? We all know that if they are going to do something that is beneficial to St. Lucia and St. Lucians they would be the first to promote it.

But here, we have the appointment of Dr. ((Walid Ahmed) Juffali as ambassador to International Maritime Organization and we heard about his appointment through The Telegraph, we are also learning that his appointment was almost two years ago. So the question is: if he is so great, why didn’t the Labour Party announce and promote him when they made his appointment? But maybe they knew then what we know now. and that is after almost two years.

Dr. Juffali has made no investments in St. Lucia. In fact, all that Dr. Juffali has done is not attend one of the 27 meetings that took place at the IMO. One has to question Dr. (Ernest) Hillaire, who remained the high commissioner of St. Lucia in London after Dr. Juffali was appointed. So the fact that Dr. Juffali did not attend those meetings, the question is: did he turn a willful blind eye to what was going on?

The Labour Party keeps asking why are we concerned. We are concerned because the reputation of St. Lucia is at stake, security at a time in which international security is at peak level and our core partners, the United States, Canada, UK and Europe, have all expressed concerns about the Citizenship by Investment Program, in addition to selling passports that some countries have actually sold diplomacy.

All the evidence that we have seen in front of our very eyes suggest that is exactly what is taking place with Dr. Juffali. We are asking the government, if that is not so why not do the right thing: ask Dr. Juffali to step down, but no, instead the Labour Party continues to defend what appears by all of us to be indefensible.

Fellow St. Lucians, this is a serious matter, we cannot be found wanting with our core partners. In fact, we are going to start a Citizenship By Investment program, and the same person, Dr. Hillaire, who was the high commissioner, is now the chairman of that committee of the Citizenship by Investment program. It raises alarm bells because it suggests exactly what they were concerned with the other two islands, that St. Lucia is at jeopardy of doing the same thing.

We are not unfamiliar with this kind of behaviour. We saw it with Grynberg, where the Prime Minister signed a contract that did not go to Parliament nor Cabinet. In fact, not even the Governor General knew about it.

31 Cubans came through the doors of St. Lucia, even though they were announced that they were coming through, and that they were specifically coming to St. Lucia, so that they can get on a boat to go to the USVI. We did nothing. Same situation with Lambirds, where not only were the schools setup, we still don’t understand how it was set up. The students were advertised and promoted to come to St. Lucia to study and then to be able to get visas to go to United States, Canada, Britain and Australia. We have a situation where a vote at the Ukrainian UN was made and St. Lucia abstained. We have a situation in which the Prime Minister was invited to a meeting where vice president Biden was going to be at and he did not attend.

So while any one of these things by itself may not seem conspicuous, it is now the combination, because it shows a pattern. It is imperative that this government put St. Lucia back on the right track and start making amends for some of these decisions and to give answers, not only to St. Lucians, but also to the world as to what is going on in St. Lucia.

Fellow St. Lucians, United Workers Party will remain resolute in protecting the name of St. Lucians, and while we know all of us are concerned about the crime that is taking place in this country, and this is something that pains all of us, but when we start jeopardising the security of our country, when we allow the impasse situation to remain unresolved, when we start playing with the constitution and the civil liberties of our people, this is something for all of us to be fearful about.

I am asking the Labour Government to do the right thing, come clean, put St. Lucia back on track.

I thank you.



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  1. What is the difference between appointing a local ministry of tourism maritime consultant with no maritime related training or qualification except "dock master" of whom the IMO has not endorsed such a designation and the appointment of the imo permanent rep???


  2. What's the difference between the IMO Permanent Rep without maritime qualifications appointment and the local continuing appointment of the ministry of tourism Maritime consultant with zero maritime trainung or experience and not on the IMO list of recognised persons who says he was not informed! !


  3. Woe be onto st. Lucia. We will soon become like the island of Dominica; fastly falling out of good standing with the super powers. As a result of Dominica's introduction of the citizenship through investment program ran by Mr Skerritt ( dear friend to Dr Anthony), they quickly fell out of grace with the US. As of recently PayPal has suspended the transfer of funds via its network from US nationals to dominica as a result of this program. The FBI has since increased its vigilance on the island as a result of the program. There are many articles about said issues. Wisen up..citizenship should never be for sale. This poor country will be the home of many seeking to escape penalty for illicit acts including but not limited to wire fraud, investment fraud, money laundering, tax evasion and so on. Very soon st. Lucians will become like Dominicans and have a supremely hard time earning a visa.


    • Perhaps Kenny's only original idea, besides wanting to be and to remain PM forever, is STEP. He has a famous long history of making comical mistakes up and down the Caribbean, and on the international scene. Every foray on the international scene lands eggs on his face and on that of Saint Lucia. For example, of what we know of, there is Roachasmell, Black Bay, the secret Grindburg Sea-bed Affair, and the list goes on.

      When will he stop Bon Dieux? When will he stop?


  4. The guy looks more like a Playboy than a Diplomat. That's why he can
    afford to Party in Monaco with the rich and famous. Nothing wrong with
    that if you can afford it. The idle has so much of Billions of dollars, so he
    feels he can buy whatever he wants, i.e. influence. He found a willing tacker
    so to get the thing that is so valuable to him, to get out of a tight legal fight with
    a former wife. (for him that was easy) every one has a price; Now what's in your wallet?


  5. like seriously...Allen Chastanent apparently you are very idle..Why not say what you will do differently and share your plan with the national...Choops..


  6. come on like you never knew of his position!! how long have you been into politics? and if you did not know then that means you were not listening, did not care, or was not paying attention.


  7. I have said this before and I will say it again. Ernest Hilaire with the backing of Kenny Anthony is hiding something and that is something big. Why would Ernest give up his diplomatic post the IMO to get Juffali in? What was his reward for giving up that position? Such a move could not have been made without the approval of Kenny Anthony, so what was in it for Kenny? Saint Lucia has been embarrassed internationally. I am sure that ours is not the only country that Juffafli tried to buy diplomacy from. Are we that desperate? This is scary seeing that the same person who sold out his position is in charge of citizenship by investment.
    Mr Hilaire I also want to ask you a serious question. As part of your reward, did you promise Juffali to make Tafawa Williams (who currently works for him and holds s diplomatic position of Counsellor Maritime – whatever that means, and who has himself never attended IMO meetings in Juffali’s absence), did you promise him the position of High Commissioner when you vacated the post to come here to campaign for Castries South?
    Ernest you are aspiring to be PM. You have started on the wrong foot when you behave that you are above questioning and accountability.



    • the thing is they never expect these things to become public lol what a mess and the politics of the day ....


    • What he is hiding has to be big! to give up such a prestigious post to come run for Castries South where "The good boy" performed so miserably (only thing ciceronians get is step jobs) and is predicted that this labour stronghold will swing in the next election ... it has to be big.


  8. Chastanet has just shown that Saint Lucia is being viewed in a very harsh light, as our very desperate, confused, and country bookie government lists from one difficulty to another. A muddling PM is becoming more unhinged, as the increasing desperation is leading the bungling SLP to try any and everything that is thought will return them to office. This characteristic SLP short-termism again sees the PM scrambling, desperately trying to secure a solid foothold, to take the country right back to the current country status quo. I am so very tired, SLP of all your crap!

    Welcome to the modern world country bookies! Chastanet is showing you how to use 21st century PR tools to their fullest. You hate this? It is not your SLP idea of Better Days?


  9. A few questions for Allen.

    1. Was Steven Segal made an ambassador for St. Lucia?

    2. Who made him ambassador? Was the population made aware of his appointment?

    3. Was he given a diplomatic passport?

    4. What was his function as ambassador?

    5. What did St. Lucia gain from his appointment?

    6. Did anyone gain from his appointment?

    There are other appointments of ambassadors, during UWP's reign (of confusion), that were made and up to now most St. Lucians are not aware of. If needs be, the list will be given.


    • Don't let them fool you. That is what they want. Let both sides answer the questions.
      No matter which party you align yourself too, we demanding transparency. SLP called for transparency during the last elections, when it was said that UWP was full of corruption, it is only fair that we demand answers from SLP too if certain issues makes us uncomfortable.
      In my opinion none of us should try to justify the actions of any party by comparing to the opponents.
      I will feel comfortable knowing that there are certain measures that will be enacted when corruption is unfolded so that future politicians are dissuaded.
      Instead what both parties are guilty of doing is creating deflection by simply trying to say who doing it less and some of us sadly are falling for it.
      We don't have time for that.


  10. SNO ran an article on 26 October 2015 titled : PM Anthony provides greater insight into Citizenship by Investment Programme.
    I don't think the public knew of Jaffali's appointment at the time.But I posted this comment and I still stand by it:

    ????? October 26, 2015 at 9:06 PM

    Well it looks like it is here whether we like it or not. My main concern is the process of due diligence, can we trust these processes? The US will be scrutinizing us VERY closely. I think there are benefits but my overall concern is how robust will our systems be which would mitigate against the risk of the money laundering and other unscrupulous activity that these potential investors might present. Some might just want a Lucian passport to gain quicker entry to the US for instance. Lets hope too that some are not swayed by the lure of a few thousands bucks to willfully turn a blind eye when red flags are picked up.
    - See more at:


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