Government announce adjustment in fuel prices

Government announce adjustment in fuel prices

fuelPRESS RELEASE – The public is hereby informed that prices of petroleum products will be adjusted today, Monday July 27, 2015.

The prices of some fuel products will increase, while the prices of liquid petroleum gas will decrease.

Despite the reductions in liquid petroleum the Government of Saint Lucia continues to subsidize the 20lb and 22lb cylinders, respectively.

Below is a schedule of the retail prices for these products:

Fuel Product Existing Price New Price Change
Unleaded Gasoline $13.33 per gallon$2.93 per litre $13.50 per gallon$2.97 per litre Increase by $0.17Increase by $0.04
Diesel $11.09 per gallon$2.44 per litre $11.53 per gallon$2.54 per litre Increase by $0.44Increase by $0.10
Kerosene $8.27 per gallon$1.82 per litre $8.27 per gallon$1.82 per litre Unchanged
Liquid Petroleum Gas:
20 Pound $28.71 per cylinder $27.15 per cylinder Decrease by $1.56
22 Pound $31.86 per cylinder $30.14 per cylinder Decrease by $1.72
100 Pound $205.55 per cylinder $197.74 per cylinder Decrease by $7.81
Bulk $1.93 per pound$4.27 per litre $1.85 per pound$4.09 per litre Decrease by $0.08Decrease by $0.18

While prices on the international crude oil market have been trending downwards in recent days, increases were recorded in the landed cost of gasoline and diesel in the domestic market during the reference period, that is, June 8 to June 28, 2015. However, based on information provided by the importers, lower fuel prices are anticipated for the next price adjustment, August 17, 2015.


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  1. st lucia is the only place in the world fuel prices are rising when the price of crude has been dropping since last year. this is called kenny nomics, better days and caring for the poor. its labor un rouge. this man does not even bother defend himself. that is the disdain he has for people.damn dictator time to get rid of Him


  2. Lol while yall eh use google to learn oil price mechanics? Instead yall here talking nonsense. Just go n learn how the thing is calculated. Lucians, I swear the only thing they good at is complaining and passing gas


  3. The new scheme is to say landing cost has increase but never say what the landing cost is. Yes Kenny we are a--- but tanto tanto..#ElectionCountdown


  4. Ppl blame kennny 4 fuel price adjustment by why why we forget guy joseph an Alan who took ppl to protest to review fuel prices every 3 weeks ween it was every 3 months


  5. Kenny personal adviser is a civil engineer not an economist, that is why he keeps making economical blunders.


  6. Oil prices on the decline but fuel prices on the increase. When will they stop bleeding us in this country? Why can't Kenny Anthony see us enjoy something for once in this country? Why does he love to see us suffer? We need another protest and this time i will make sure my voice is heard. I AM FED UP WITH THIS GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Every 3 weeks the price of gas increases. Awa e Kenny give us a break nuh. Everytime you give us something you take it back in another area. If u listened to the opposition and put the fuel adjustment period to 1 month the prices would be better


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