Government and opposition MP’s discuss proposed North South Link Road

Government and opposition MP’s discuss proposed North South Link Road

394aa2eb-bbb9-4e6e-9796-958320795ca4PRESS RELEASE – In early 2015, the Government of St. Lucia began to undertake a feasibility study for the construction of a North South link Road to facilitate easier and faster vehicular traffic between the islands’ North and South. The key considerations for this project include:

  1. Increase in the resilience of the primary road network, by providing an additional option for linking the North and South of the island;
  2. A reduction in travel time and costs between the north and south;
  3. Reduction in traffic congestion in Castries and on the Castries-Gros Islet Highway;
  4. Increased Economic development in the North Eastern Quadrant of St. Lucia to improve access to land in the area
  5. Provide a by-pass to the Barre De Lisle in the event that it is rendered impassable as a result of landslides.

On Tuesday 24th November 2015, Stantec Consulting Ltd made a presentation to Parliamentarians whose constituencies would be impacted by the proposed road. The Parliamentarians also had an opportunity to question the proposals presented and to also make suggestions. The Parliamentarians in attendance were Hon. Philip J. Pierre, Hon. Emma Hippolyte, Hon. Alvina Reynolds, Hon. Guy Joseph and Hon. Edmund Estephane.  

The presentation made by Stantec Consulting Ltd. highlighted the work and consultations held so far. The presentation also showed alignment/route options to achieve the project objectives.  

Hon. Philip J. Pierre, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport expressed his satisfaction that the results of the study presented thus far adequately satisfied the requirements which were outlined when the project was conceptualized.


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  1. Well the PM have promised to build that link road with no borrowed funds.. That's an interesting development.


  2. It should be both a road and rail link, since George Charles Airport has almost reached its extension limits. Kenny borrow for things like that and NOT STEP. Give VISITORS an experience. Shuttle them in style from HIA, to the business capital of Saint Lucia. The administrative capital, Castries Ghetto is always under water when the rain just drizzles.


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