Gotham Clique strives to bring Trap music to Saint Lucia

Gotham Clique strives to bring Trap music to Saint Lucia

2016-01-02 10_34_37-Gotham Clique Press Release.docx - Google DocsPRESS RELEASE – With the slow emergence of urban music in the Caribbean music environment, a group of youngsters hailing previously from Saint Mary’s College and now from up north are taking up the mantle.

Their group entitled “Gotham Clique” is a unique venture compiling the music, graphics, producing and editing skills of their members to create a masterpiece. The humble beginnings of the group began soon after the CXC exams of 2014 in which all decided to collaborate for a joint goal: to bring Trap music to Saint Lucia.

Gotham Clique seeks to set mediocre Saint Lucian artistes apart from those who demand high quality music as well as something worth listening to. Their investment in top of the end technology has helped them to produce exquisite video shots used to back up their already solid music foundation. Their most recent EP “6:26” is available on Sound Cloud> .

2016-01-02 10_35_00-Gotham Clique Press Release.docx - Google Docs

The competition better watch out for these guys because it seems like they are running on a hype train than can only go forward! For a sneak peak of what we are talking about check out their promotion vid for “6:26”:


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  1. Last evening I was the first to post my comments on this music and it appears that for some reason my comments were not posted. I do see that a number of other St. Lucians who have the local music industry at heart are siding with me. This is not where we should be heading in the music industry. This is wrong and obscenity using words like "niggar" and "bitch" in music should not be promoted by St.Lucia. These are young kids who should make a change in the music industry. How do you brand yourself as being different to the rest? This should not be branded as St.Lucian music!


    • I guess this is one of the hidden reasons they call it trap music to trap the youngsters minds into delivering that type of lyrical content and lifestyle maybe


  2. Great idea. The genre of tune is great but too much foreign based copy. See you bashing haters but u put down your fellow brothers calling them shit artists.
    To each his own and I think we should push ours. Put up a stint at the ARTS CAFE on coral street and let's see u promote LUCIAN home grown.

    Keep up the good vibes.


  3. Hell no! Don't destroy the rest of St Lucia's music culture with most retard music genre of the 21 century.


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