Gotham Clique releases first music video

Gotham Clique releases first music video

2016-01-09 09_26_04-Gotham Clique - All My N_ggas ( OFFICIAL VIDEO ) - YouTubePRESS RELEASE – Following their press release last week, Gotham Clique has wasted no time by using their hype train to release their first music video entitled “All My Hittas”.

This song is one of their twelve tracks enlisted on their EP “6:26” on SoundCloud. With their wide use of social media sites this group is definitely not just your normal Saint Lucian music group; they have something special. Make sure to check out their music video below:


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  1. They deserve oscars because they're just actors,not rappers.
    Next your hear them say they're ballers & play with the clippers,but they're just barbers.
    Can I join the "clique" now 🙂


  2. Am not hating but they sound just like the rappers on B.E.T they have rum, big houses and a few girls almost half naked all they missing is some expensive rides these guys are gonna blow up big one day they look like they hot just like bobby shmurda


  3. Hard to accept such music today, however if the lyrics and video concept were positive, then perhaps it would have been well received.

    Aside from that, some of you in this "clique" will one day wake up one morning, dress in your suits to to go to your $200,000.00 per yr job and wished that someone stopped you , to give you more guidance with this mistake while you were still young and stupid!


  4. the special for true. If they have to blow big tho, they have to change their name. dc comics will not let it slide if they do get big


  5. Who wrote this press release? Is this a joke?! You guys can't even be yourselves emulating american culture to the fullest even the name Gotham is a reach.


  6. So besides everything that we have going on they have brought this poverty ridden, gangsta trap, mind numbing, non-progressive dribble to our shores? God help us. Yes you can start the name calling but the seeds that you are planting with show their proper fruit in a few years, when it is far too late to uproot what even the African America community has found difficult to change. Ask inner city Atlanta and Chicago about the fruit of this music.


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