Good Samaritan saves woman from street attack by ex-boyfriend

Good Samaritan saves woman from street attack by ex-boyfriend
The woman’s ex-boyfriend being escorted to the police station.

A good Samaritan helped save a woman whose estranged ex-boyfriend was about to attack her in front of a supermarket.

The incident happened at William Peter Boulevard, Castries sometime after 5.p.m. Wednesday.

An eyewitness told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that she was about to leave the supermarket, when she saw a male verbally abusing the woman.

She recalled that the woman told the man that she had wanted to end her relationship with him.

“She told the man… I finish with you one time and he tell she he wanted the key. The woman handed the man the key but he started pushing her and chucking her, saying you not going no where” the eyewitness recalled.

The good Samaritan quickly alerted passerbys, including two police officers to the issue.

“I told the police, they need to stop the crime before it happen, cause we like to cry the next day. We have to stop this violence against our women,” the woman asserted.

Upon intervening, the lawmen discovered that the man had an ice pick on his person.

“Just imagine if the police didn’t get gaza, what would have happened to that woman. Maybe, he would have bore that woman with the weapon. We can’t allow more blood shed,” the good Samaritan added.

The man was handcuffed by police and taken to the Central Police Station.

The woman later told bystanders that she has suffered years of abuse at the hands of her ex-boyfriend, and wants to end the relationship. She will be filing a restraining order.




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  1. women are just plain dumb..look how she showed her gratitude to strangers who had her best interest at heart...just leave these stupid women alone and don't feel sorry for them.


  2. you beating woman you are a coward, plain and simple you think that will make her stay with you.move on and let her her find better.if she was no good you would not beat her to make her stay ,and if you were good you would not be beating dig??


  3. See why I am staying single, dont want to meet one of those worthless men and for my heart to think is love.


  4. Post - Colonial Law in the Caribbean needs to be revised so as to be more effective for the times
    we are living in. The World have changed, and indeed, so have St. Lucia, and not for the better.
    It is easy to blame the Government for every misguided actions of the community. No one looks to
    the lost Souls of the individuals. So then it must be said, they need more of the Divine than the 'Law'.


  5. Well done Good Samaritan. For the victim, stay on your toes, because he will be back. A restraining order means nothing to guys like him. Never go anywhere alone and always pay attention to your surroundings. He will be out on bail and sure enough coming for revenge.


  6. Sadly this guy will be on the streets very, very soon, and the restraining order in St. Lucia is not worth the paper it is printed on. I hope there is serious assistance given to this woman and a serious response to this man.


    • The restraining order could be something if the police take it seriously. We should not undermine our own system because of our own perception, after all it is a reflection of ourselves as a society. Why do you think there is so much crime around? Don't you think that a possible reason could be our own undermining of the system which has caused lawlessness and a revengeful society?

      We have to be very careful when we predicate that we have a broken system and so we must over-punish people because of system failure. That is what has happened in societies we watch with much horror everyday on television and internet. I will agree that the system is not what it supposed to be but instead of blaming everybody and subscribing to over-punishment, summary convictions, ad hoc justice, extra judicial punishment and revenge WHY DON"T WE JUST FIX THE SYSTEM?

      Everybody can come together the same way we comblay together to during rum during Jazz, Carnival etc. and have a rally/march to tell the government we want it fixed today. THEY CAN DELIVER because they are always in a position to deliver thousands of contracts just before an election.

      Have we tried fixing the dammn system? We just there complaining that's it not working. Have you ever tried carrying water in a basket? Well plug the freaking holes!!! Idiots!!


  7. I find this so touching. The abuser (verbal or otherwise) was not ashamed to attack in public. My heart hurts to think of what has been happening behind closed doors. Cheers to the good Samaritan!


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