Gonzague gives up PRO post for the classroom

By SNO Staff

Former St. Lucia Labour Party PRO Julietta Gonzague (right) with Press Secretary to the Prime Minister Jadia Jn Pierre-Emmanuel.

Julietta Gonzague is no longer the public relations officer (PRO) of the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP).

Gonzague resigned her post to go back to teaching.

Up until her appointment as PRO was announced in June 2013, Gonzague taught at the Vide Boutielle Secondary School.

Better known to the St. Lucian public as Julie Bee, the calypsonian, Gonzague has a bachelors degree in mass communications from Grambling State University.

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  1. Julie I am happy that you are moving towards what makes you happy. Keep your head up! Shoulders straight .....I always knew you had a large back! May God bless you always.....love you pooksy

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  3. better cannot be done so just let worse continue

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  5. What is she teaching??

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  7. I am not fooled,how much does PRO pay,compared to a qualified teacher?So u leave teaching to be PRO then u leave PRO to be teacher again,smh,u can do that with such ease.

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  9. Haters will always hate...pretty sure those touting anything negative about Julie's ability in the field of Mas Comm, has very little training in their fields. Besides she did an excellent job in her first crack at entering her area of academia. Back to her love for development through education! Do it my girl! Rise!

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  11. She certainly needs more training in public speaking, maybe her fromer colleague can teach her. She just doesnt have it.

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  13. I do not believe that Miss Gonzague was torn between two loves. I believe she has seen the future and that change is coming, so she has gone to a more secure job. Was she a teacher before? How was she able to get that job when I am certain that there are many other school leavers, presently jobless, who aspire and probably apply to become school teachers before Miss Gonzague.

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  15. Interesting! Very interesting! Since you wanted us to know, now do the honorable thing and tell us why you really leaving this 'position'. We're not as stupid as you and your kind think.

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  17. That's none of my business

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  19. Well we can question why she can waltz in and out of the teaching service with realtive ease, while there are those in temporary positions, and those who cannot get in for the longest while.

    We highlight these things to the public as positive achievements while not considering the impression it can create in their minds. As many have daughters too who are aspiring to these positions and may be given the cold shoulder.

    • I totally agree with you.

    • And sadly many of those who actually are qualified as teachers leaving sir Arthur Teacher's college and cannot get a job. But these party ppl can leave and reenter as they please.
      And she didnt cut it for a PRO is just fact. degree or not

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  21. i agree my girl, move inna them corruption ting

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  23. nice chick.

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  25. no body cares

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  27. I am happy to see that she is progressing in her professional life. I attended School with here at the Vide Boutielle Secondary. She has always exhibited such a character and I really want to wish her all the best on her Journey.

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  29. so..................

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  31. Gonzague has a bachelors degree in mass communications? wow I'm surprised!!! listening to here on the radio I didn't get that impression.

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  33. I wish i could hug you, babe.
    Smart move 🙂

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  35. U go gurl

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  37. The love for tomorrows future The Kids, Very good move my dear. Train up a child in the way they should go, so when they grow they will not depart. Blessings

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  39. I wonder weather sh went through the process of job application like others would have to go through?Thought we could not afford addition expences on the public purse?and Kenny want the unions to take a pay cut?

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  41. Thank God!!!!! She was horrific


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