Gonsalves announces new effort to sustain LIAT

Gonsalves announces new effort to sustain LIAT
Dr. Ralph Gonsalves
Dr. Ralph Gonsalves

(ANTIGUA OBSERVER) – A new shareholder agreement for regional carrier Liat could be on the horizon.

That is if Antigua and Barbuda and the other member states of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean (OECS) and Barbados are successful in coming to an agreement to increase the countries with shares in the regional carrier.

The announcement comes from the Chairman of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States Authority, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves.



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  1. SVG is NOT a major shareholder - although bumbling self-important Fat Boy Ralph would have you believe so. Antigua owns THREE TIMES as many shares as SVG, Barbados owns more than FOUR TIMES as many shares as SVG.

    The Fat Boy has used LIAT as his plaything for too long now, to the point of pulling an ILLRGAL political stunt last year which endangered aircraft, people, and the airline itself. If there is to be change at all it would be to pull Fat Boy out of LIAT's ass, get rid of all the political appointees and put LIAT on a track to commercial self-sustainability.

    Kenny Anthony, PM of St. Lucia, told Fat Boy FOUR YEARS AGO that St. Lucia (also Grenada and St. Kitts) would reconsider investing in LIAT if the airline were made more efficient and proper management installed. Apart from nothing happening, the shareholders installed a poor excuse for a book-keeper as CEO and stayed the insane course - now they are back banging on everyone's door begginf for money again to patch the financial patch that patched the previous financial patch.

    If we want to see LIAT "great again", STOP THE INSANITY. Get the politicians the hell out of LIAT, replace the political appointees with professionals, and move LIAT towards being a commercial airline. LIAT has huge potential, but there is no corporation in the world that can carry all of its trough-sucking owners, directors, managers and yard fowls on its back forever.


  2. SVG is a major shareholder. It owns the mess. It should fund it to prevent it from falling from the skies.


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